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Pescatarian- one who doesn’t eat meat but will eat fish.

Pisstarian- bhakt who drinks Modi’s piss and doesn’t give shit about India’s constitution.

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NRC is suffering for the vulnerable.

Assuring citizenship to all undocumented persons except those of Muslim faith — it risks tearing the country apart, reopening the wounds of Partition, and ultimately destroying India’s secular democratic Constitution

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"It doesn't matter how many languages you know;
To know the language of the heart makes you worthy".

- Rumi

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& 'Veer' Savarkar both wrote extensively in the Jail while Nehru wrote "Discovery of India" Savarkar wrote scores of mercy petitions to the queen. ☺️

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Hello all, My account has been locked for reason best known to Twitter. Will have to restart I guess.

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Naked truth :

A judge was indulged in sexual harassment case and to save his ass he preferred to destroy
whole justice system of India.

What a shame.

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Prof Apoorvanand says that Ayodhya judgement should be reviewed.
Listen to every word he says.
His clarity of thought and courage of convictions is exemplary.
Proud to know you,sir !
Link to his video analysis that’s going viral on YouTube

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7 lakh plus troops and 550 robotic surveillance units for 250 militants?
Counter-insurgency to be specfic?

What about the 8 million civilians? Is this 'development' for them and at whose cost? Militarized compassion is NOT a solution


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✍️पहले तीन ही जेंडर हुआ करते थे..

महिला, पुरुष व किन्नर...

वहीं 2014 के बाद चौथा जेंडर भी पैदा हो गया!
जिसको आजकल...

कहा जाता है? 🤪😇🔄🔄

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BREAKING: We uncovered a worldwide network of 265 fake media outlets in 65 countries, targeting the US, Canada, Brussels, Geneva and many more, which all serve Indian lobbying interests. (1/9)

Thread 👇

Summary: disinfo.eu/2019/11/13/uncovere

Interactive map: google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1-_

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So this person abusing me openly is blessed to be followed by Hon'ble Union Minister @PiyushGoyal@twitter.com

Shame on @BJP4India@twitter.com leaders as they continue to follow such CREATURES

A party full of spineless women leaders who keep Mum on these issues!

Yaad hai Late Sushma Ji ki trolling?

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Many people lost their life in Palestine.

There are many people who are injured, women and children are suffering in this terror attack by Israel.

Israel is a TERRORIST state.

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My heroes! It's only because of these Palestinian journalists that we know the extent of Israel's brutality in Gaza.

(pic via EOP).

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A report that showed a GDP growth of a whopping 10.8% in 2006-07 during Dr Manmohan Singh's tenure was quitely removed from the 'Statistics & Programme Implementation' ministry's website on orders of Modi govt.

A new low for Modi govt.


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Here's Prof Padmanabhan chairing a Sangh event where he lauds participants who dissed the dravidian movement & accuse the media of "Hinduphobia". From around 1:12 onwards. Also says Aryan/Dravidian divide was "frivolous logic" youtube.com/watch?v=mVOad19Gbf

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Basically, the incompetent Modi Government couldn't even lobby for our strategic interests without getting exposed.
Ughhh, what a bunch of bumbling fools twitter.com/DisinfoEU/status/1

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The Indian company ‘Srivastava Group’ is running a large worldwide network of fake media outlets-This group was the front for paying the Right Wing MEP group’s trip to twitter.com/disinfoeu/status/1

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Good News.
The Congress govt in Rajasthan removes the title of "VEER" from Savarkars name.

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