Gilbert Godfried runs through the dark crooked hallways of my head screaming obscenities and dragging a large rubbermaid trashcan.

He stops at a broken window, overlooking a rocky moat 40 floors down.

“You’re a failure!” He yells. It echos across the vast expanse of rolling hills beyond the castle walls.

He then climbs inside the rubbermaid trashcan, tips it over, and rolls back into the unlit jagging hallways.

just found these by the side of the road. and before you ask. No, even i am not taking home six old routers that each weigh like 10kg

The first 2 chapters of my horror novel are out on

'Shadows Beneath Us' is about an heir to a large criminal organization who hears voices he thought he’d gotten rid of in the past, a little girl who just moved into a new town and is starting to see things in her shadow, and a family trying to escape captivity. But something deeper and more sinister is coming up through the shadows.

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Holy Cow!

I was just looking over my general outline for my current and I'm only 3 chapters from being done with the first section. This is so surreal to me.

🎉 😁

I knocked out over 1200 new words on my current tonight.

This puts it over 30,000 words! I've never gotten this far before. I have a long way to go before finishing it, but for the first time I actually feel like I can finish it.

This is awesome!

Air Guitar is about World Peace.

You can't hold a gun if you're playing air guitar, after all.

I'm very ready for the weekend. Hopefully I'll find time to knock out some writing.

I've been inactive for a couple weeks because of a big move from Oklahoma to Washington state. Hopefully, now that I am settling in, I'll start posting again.

Ta-da! It's Monday, which means Glitchet 1.25. :)

Political Pessimism - Big data psychowar hijacking elections, microcelebrity, late capitalism, cyberattack, and more.

#glitchet #webzine #glitchart #newsletter

My 8 year old is watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and is constantly giggling. I've done something right. :)

I'm cleaning out some noise from my social networks this morning. It feels nice.

Less than 1 week until we move back out to the North West! I'm very ready to get out of Oklahoma

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