2019. Isn't it a good year to get to a regular backup practice? Where do you store your backups -- where do you keep offsite backups of valuable data, and when have you last verified the data you backup?

@K0nrad I'm lazy and I do what you should not do: Use sync as part of my backup routine. I use Dropbox, iCloud, Posteo and a local NAS. Dropbox for irrelevant stuff like background images and "local" Spotify music. iCloud for the iCloud Photo Library and to store ALL of my files in an encrypted DevonThink ProOffice Storage. Posteo for Mail, Calender and Contacts, also encrypted. The local NAS to also store my DevonThink Database and to sync it locally.

@K0nrad Therefore, my files reside on different Macs using Sync and my important files (DevonThink) are synced locally (NAS) and remotely (iCloud). Also, one of my OffSite Macs is creating a full backup of everything content into a Time Machine. That means, I have several locations for my data and an offsite backup. But if the sync fails, I'm lost… :D.

@K0nrad And no, I don't verify. Yes, I will be doomed.


@truhe It's a Schroedinger Backup until you need it …

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