FOSS developers: My right to create a crappy ass icon in my pixel app trumps your right to have an aesthetically consistent experience.

Regular folks: Ooh, look at macOS! 😍

FOSS developers: why no one use our operating system?

@aral it's hard to overestimate how important design is to the overall experience of using a computer (or anything). I've successfully transitioned several people to Linux in general and free software in particular, but it's typically at a painpoint they're experiencing in the moment, and they're switching out of necessity - 1/2


@aral This typically turns out well because free software is generally pretty great, but they wouldn't use it without the pain point along with some knowledgeable person (me) encouraging them and assuring then it will be fine.

Design bypasses all of that and gets people to be excited about using it before they use it. Really matters! - 2/2

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