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Kyle R. Conway @K_REY_C

Anyone got good tutorial recommendations for using python (and it seems pandas) to parse, re-arrange, and retool csv files. At the moment I'm looking for a good way to:

1) Add a header name to the only column containing data *without* also having a header name

2) Delete columns without having to explicitly name all the header names I'd like to remove.

3) Learn more about this in general.

Resources/recommendations appreciated as I begin this particular journey.


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@K_REY_C I usually recommend for complete beginners to programming but if you already know how to program you might want the official docs

@eddieincredible Thanks for the recommendation (I've got that one)! It's tough for me (i.e. where to place ones self with respect to "beginner" or "know how to program"). I like to say I think algorithmically. My issue is often the specific application of the tool (in this case python). I've written some (to me) moderately sized things in bash and python (e.g., but I don't feel like I'm fluent enough to say that I "know how to program."

@K_REY_C pandas is the way to go, though you'll need to invest some time to understand it's logic as it's not the most intuitive. Typically you can solve problems in multiple ways. For large files you also need to be careful not to go against it's grain, otherwise performance suffers.

@phiofx Pandas seems to be what I want. Any recommendations for guides to understand the logic? I'm more fluent with SQL queries than I publicly admit, and I think that type of functionality is what I'd like from pandas, but I've yet to see something that has helped with that logic. If you've got any specific recommendations or guides I'm all ears!

@K_REY_C the documentation is quite comprehensive in terms of covering funcionality (with lots of examples). The main object that will store your csv data is a dataframe which you can then can reshape in various ways, eg