This really is amazing and a great watch!

It's Been 50 Years: Take Some Time This Weekend To Watch Doug Engelbart's Mother Of All Demos

Normally, on the weekend, we look back at what we wrote about on Techdirt five, ten and fifteen years ago, but I'm going to pre-empt at least a bit of that with this post. Ten years ago, we wrote about the 40th anniversary of the famous and...

It is possible to make words speak louder than the hallways they inhabit when they're weaseling away like frightened echoes.

Was just gifted the best socks. Keeping these in office for emergency situations...

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Son learning because he's also learning and working on a Zelda website (his first!) and wanting to put his art on it (below a shield). Downloading on the Raspberry pi was fun ("here's how you launch an application from the terminal...")

He's really going down the rabbit hole now! Thanks !

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Mike Masnick on Twitter

“Fascinating. Fearing that Twitter will shut down accounts of sex workers thanks to SESTA/FOSTA, a bunch of them have set up a Mastodon instance (though I do wonder about the legal implications there as well).

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