Was just gifted the best socks. Keeping these in office for emergency situations...


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Son learning because he's also learning and working on a Zelda website (his first!) and wanting to put his art on it (below a shield). Downloading on the Raspberry pi was fun ("here's how you launch an application from the terminal...")

He's really going down the rabbit hole now! Thanks !


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Mike Masnick on Twitter

“Fascinating. Fearing that Twitter will shut down accounts of sex workers thanks to SESTA/FOSTA, a bunch of them have set up a Mastodon instance (though I do wonder about the legal implications there as well). t.co/R8RimyDDk6



Ripping out a wall I found a wonderful old wallpaper behind. Anyone know of any way to find an unmarred original of the full print?

Just look at this amazing art of years past! mastodon.social/media/FM6eIUwu

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