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Kyle R. Conway

Ripping out a wall I found a wonderful old wallpaper behind. Anyone know of any way to find an unmarred original of the full print?

Just look at this amazing art of years past!

The below slide―and subsequent explanation of the importance of free software―is inspiring in its brevity.

free software matters.

I just don't understand data like this. How can this be real? 4/5 online Americans use Facebook? ~80%

🤔 💥

"I realised: this is literally a million people that we’ve sort of nudged or persuaded to do this thing that they weren’t going to otherwise do."

"'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia". --

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You truly never know what anyone will actually like in the realm of art. I'd uploaded a small set of artwork to a site called redbubble (think art on shirts) & nothing that I thought was great got any interest at all... so I started uploading stuff for fun.

One time I visited an eye Dr., snapped an unremarkable shot on my phone of an odd-looking piece of equipment while waiting, later used GIMP, G'MIC, Inkscape, etc. 6 months later someone buys a shirt. Enjoy, stranger!