This really is amazing and a great watch!

It's Been 50 Years: Take Some Time This Weekend To Watch Doug Engelbart's Mother Of All Demos

Normally, on the weekend, we look back at what we wrote about on Techdirt five, ten and fifteen years ago, but I'm going to pre-empt at least a bit of that with this post. Ten years ago, we wrote about the 40th anniversary of the famous and...

The young woman thought carefully before speaking to the Genie.

"I wish to understand anything I read, no matter the language."

"Your wish is granted."

"I wish for the ability to summon any written work."

"Your wish is granted."

"And I wish to be able to transcribe all that I learn."

"Your wish is granted."

Alexandria took a deep breath. It's not every century a library is reborn with a will of its own. There was so much to rebuild. ... huh. Steam Link, after being discontinued as hardware, is now available as a Linux package for use on a Raspberry Pi

LulzSec hacktivist Jeremy Hammond, who hacked Stratfor and leaked docs to WikiLeaks in 2012, is beginning his third week in solitary confinement. A guard accused him of "minor assault" for bumping him with a door.

UN's torture expert says solitary confinement "can amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" and called for an absolute prohibition of >15 days (about how long Jeremy's been there so far) cuz it can lead to lasting mental damage

Hi! Figured out I should try this site. I like to tell stories and draw a whole lot of ocs. #introductions

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It is possible to make words speak louder than the hallways they inhabit when they're weaseling away like frightened echoes.

@pixelfed Sounds good! Interface is actually pretty great on mobile browser. Congrats on the work here! Thank you for making a great tool!

Quick, somebody set up a mastodon instance that

a) you can reserve a name on by putting a token/message on your tumblr -- each tumblr account gets the name, but on the new instance

c) you can transfer who you follow, etc, easily.

d) if you pay $5 a month, you get an account, but you can also invite ten other people who get it for free forever

Just setup my @pixelfed account. It's nice so far. Anyone know of any mobile apps here or is it best to approach via the browser?

Morning gorgeous folks.

When was the last time you did something really enjoyed? Something that puts a big ass cheesy smile on your face.

If it's been awhile, do that today. If it hasn't, ha, do it again.

Have some fun on this fine Saturday.

So I installed on my 29 install, didn't grant permissions to an application called , and now my ctrl+c and ctrl+v keyboard shortcuts for copy&paste don't work in or ?

Anyone have any ideas for a fix?

I have a large-ish quantity of Japanese import manga, (shoujo, mostly γƒ•γƒ«γƒΌγƒ„γƒγ‚Ήγ‚±γƒƒγƒˆ) circa 2001...

Any ideas on how to find it a good home?

#letsroll #muggles #d20

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