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Who says toddlers dont enjoy free software? Krita makes for some quality family time!

RT is embarking on a collaborative journey to evolve our logo. Learn how you can be part of the open process.

Thinking about all the deepfake hottakes and how it will he used for compromat or whatever, and thinking “no no no it’s not that this will someday be available for the FBI — this is *already* available to all teenage kids”

Let us take a moment to appreaciate that #podcasts use #rss instead of forcing us to download a closed source client by some tech giant.

does anybody want to take a free UX online class with me? we can focus on a free software project maybe for the course project? check it out

"If only there were some other way to see things, other than using your ears..."

Sometimes pop music is magical -- lifting spirits -- help me find some I haven't heard

😅 link feature broke code!

from random import randint

these values to:
## Roll different numbers of dice
## Roll different values of dice
total_dice = 5
dice_val = 20

rolls = []

the dice
for i in range(total_dice):
roll = randint(0, dice_val)

Header Row
print("Roll #\tof d" + str(dice_val))

dice rolls in order
for i in range(total_dice):
print("#" + str(i+1) + ":\t" + str(rolls[i]))

judginess about friendly radicals who aren’t here to defend themselves Show more

Since my use of singular they has people all f'ed up in singulars and plurals, I think I'm going to start using the royal we.

The internet is not the only way to archive things.

The internet is not the only way to distribute things.

The internet is not eternal. It may not last the rest of our lifetimes. It may be replaced. It may die.

Have a backup plan.

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