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Chris πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ€˜β˜  @KaPOWitsCHRIS

Finally got my 4 port network card so I can bond 2 ports to my NAS for ISCSI and one for general networking with a spare.

Despite having two PCI-E slots, I can only use one cos my GFX card covers one :(

Got my dual port PCI-E NIC for my PC. Just need to finish work and go and install it 😁

i may be trash but i like to think i'm good trash, like recycling, or compost

Sundays were made for Gears of War co-op with your girlfriend.

Over 24 hours later and I'm still struggling to come to terms with Chester's death. Linkin Park are my favourite band and have been for over 10 years. I just can't believe how much it has effected me.

Strange when someone you got started at a company with and whom you thought was a friend, leaves and doesn't say bye or anything! I've got even less friends here now (and I guess I had one less then and didn't realize it)

I don't know what my grandparents do to their laptops but they always end up so slow. So when I said it was time for a new one 2 years ago, I made them buy an i7 with 8GB of RAM. And guess what? It's slow again. Really don't know whether to do a fresh install or not. The creators update has improved it slightly.

It was a good day when my second favourite band covered my favourite.

Linkin Park - The Catalyst (Pendulum Remix)

As much as I like working on the help desk, occasionally it's nice to do other stuff.

I've almost unleashed a virus on the corporate network last week. Luckily my ethernet-plug-tugging reflexes are quick

About to watch Game of Thrones. It's been a long wait. So excited.

What fantastic news that the new Doctor Who is a woman. But why should we stop there? I think any potential remake of say, Marry Poppins should have a male actor as Mary. Lenny Henry would be preferred.

In other news I was in a church today and genuinely felt like I was about to burst into flames at any second. God only knows what would have happened if I got any holy water on me.

Being on the Internet is hard. Saying to myself "people really think like that?" is a regular occurrence.