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Chris 🇬🇧🤘☠

I have a massive backlog of games to play on both Xbox and PlayStation, but all I do is play Modern Warfare Remastered with my girlfriend.

I had the best intentions for today. Instead I've spent most of my time trying to fix my laptop.

My MacBook still keeps freezing even after a fresh install. Really don't know what is up with it.

Got two new records today. Trivium's latest album and Linkin Park "Minutes To Midnight" picture disc.

Found out what was causing my Mac to completely lock up, before I reinstalled the OS and it was fine, now it's back.

It's caused by Safari and the WindowsServer process.

Just had a stroke of genius. I have a £80 prepaid MasterCard which I can't withdraw the cash from, and is difficult to use in most places until the value is £80. So, I decided to buy myself an Amazon gift card to the value of £80 with it. Boom. Problem solved.

Something cool I've discovered in macOS High Sierra is the ability of Siri to recognise band names and offer a link to them directly in Apple Music.

When Microsoft send you a free £5 gift card for Xbox Live 👍

7 years ago I decided Medal of Honor is a disappointment.

This week's South Park has been the best episode since they moved to a continuous story throughout the season.

It's the girlfriend's birthday tomorrow. Basically I am her servant for the day.

Colony and Clayman are the best In Flames albums, don't care what anyone else says.

Just when I need to message someone on Facebook it goes down. Erugh.

If everyone who owes me money paid up then I wouldn’t be in such a bad situation.

I've forgotten the password for something and it is entirely my own fault.

I wonder how it is possible to miss hear mushroom for onion.

Nearly everyone in the office has a cold, will I be able to escape?