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Chris πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ€˜β˜

I'd imagine as soon as the third party app APIs change on Twitter, I'll be ditching it and using this place a bit more again 😊

Had a good time at Download Festival this weekend.

Just like Mastodon, wish more of my friends used Telegram.

Well done Coventry City for reaching the play off final!

So apparently the main cause of the reassurance in vinyl is no hipster millennials but is middle aged men.

Won my work’s fantasy football league and came second in the other two I’m in. Not bad 😎

I thought I fixed my website on Monday. I was wrong. Still broken.

The announcement of new Nine Inch Nails music makes me happy.

Why is Windows so shit for caching DNS? Like I flush DNS and it still has the old record. It updates instantly on my iOS devices and Mac.

Today I learnt 90 minutes of FaceTime uses 1.5GB of data. The more you know aye?

So many people slating Parkway Drive’s new album on their Facebook. I’m surprised, I think it’s the dog’s danglies.

So far I’ve only listened to the first half of Parkway Drive’s new album. It sounds massive.

Remember when Man Utd v Arsenal was a major fixture?

I’m 24 and I’m now the oldest person in my department at work.

The best thing to happen this year is the news that there is going to be new ABBA music.

My mum loves my HomePod. She loves asking Siri to play music and changing the colour of my Philips Hue Lightstrip. In fact, if I leave the room and she walks by, when I return they're a different colour πŸ˜‚