I was real ready to try Mastodon out again but it seems like most my feed is back to automatic cross posts from birdsite

I think I'm pretty dang good at my job but fuck do i get personally invested into the tiniest things

so by the end of the day an artist and designer are talking about a potential change to a system that's kind of hard but not impossible and my brain takes it as a fucking personal affront and now i feel super shitty about that

and like, it's not like anyone was actually blaming me, it's game dev and as things change systems that got built a while back can be pretty poorly suited to what we need them to do today. But it's hard for me to depersonalize that

today felt like it was a lot of people telling me that the way i did a thing was completely wrong

"Ah, it's finally fall," I say to myself as I ignore the forecast predicting it's going to be high 70s for the foreseeable future

Yesterday I bought a scented candle because I needed to buy something from Rite Aid that wasn't a food and this is maybe the best impulse buy I've ever made

Calling my Overwatch smurf account Cabana is great because it's funny as fuck to me and maybe 5 other people and makes no sense to anyone else

well i just ordered some purple colored conditioner along with a refill of teal so I guess let's see if it's actually that easy to add some purple

My bus driver's got a reaaall Minnesotan accent and I'm extremely charmed

Minneapolis seems like a nice city, my hour there was pleasant

i got back from a family vacation two days ago and i get on a plane to see friends tomorrow and i'm very stressed and excited about all of it

nothing like being told you're not wanted by gradually being removed channel by channel

whoops i worked over 12 hours today because I need to leave work around noon Friday and felt bad about leaving work around noon Friday

I got up to the start of FFXIV Part 4: Storm is Not Blood so I updated my jojo to that part's style

before I had constant dandruff and greasy hair because I was using head & shoulders every morning, now I can go days without shampooing or conditioning and it's totally fine

before I got my hair dyed my mom was worried that it'd damage my hair but really my hair is much better taken care of now than it was before

"Killgrave but specifically for being violent towards women" is maybe the most Joss Whedon villain ever

it's not like we never crunch at Harmonix, but at least when we do we're given plenty of notice and know exactly how long it'll be for

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