You can now make donations to the Kaisen Linux project here:

We thank you all for your feedback and support on this project, these coffees will help us fund the development of the Raspberry Pi version and support the project maintainers!

Now you have via the NETINST ISO the possibility to install the tools you want directly via the installer, and all the configuration steps done at the first start of the distribution are now done during the installation of the distribution, so that you get an environment totally configured to your needs and desires from the installation without any intervention from you!

Thanks for your support!

I'm announcing the release of Kaisen Linux Rolling 1.8, which will be this time really the last release of the 1.x series.

This release doesn't bring any real changes on the distribution (except the update of the default user profile).

This quick arrival is actually there to fix the many bugs reported on the NETINST ISO and the tasksel update that broke the configurations and customization possibilities, problem that can be fixed by updating the ISO by bringing all the features in the ISO.

Hello everyone, the 1.7 release of Kaisen Linux is now available and will be the last in the 1.x series!
On the program:
A fully console live ISO for the less powerful computers.
A netinstall ISO allowing you to customize it to your needs!

Full changelog:

A new ISO Console Only in release candidate has just been released!
Lightened ISO (1.1GB against 2.9 originally), less RAM consumption, with only the tools you need for systems and networks diag!

The maintenance operation is complete. All services have returned and our migration is functional and improves the quality of services.

A maintenance operation is scheduled on all Kaisen Linux services. They may be disrupted or unavailable for the next few hours.

The old official domain ( + all subdomains) is now closed and the redirection to is therefore no longer effective.

This account is the official account of the Kaisen Linux distribution!
Thank you for following our news and using the distribution!


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