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With every day that passes, I'm more and more convinced that the struggle for the liberation and survival of humanity is twofold: the -material- struggle against capitalism, and the -immaterial- struggle against kyriarchy.

I'm also more and more convinced that WAAAYY too many of my fellow leftists are not prepared to have this conversation. Like, AT ALL.

violence/murder/bigotry mentions 

The truth is, no matter how well off someone is, if someone else still has violent bigotry in their heart that is allowed to go unchecked, they are still in danger.

For example, a Black man could living in brutal poverty, struggling against a racist state apparatus to make ends meet – or he could be perfectly provided for and treated fairly. But if another Dylann Roof or James Jackson comes along, he will be just as fucking dead.

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The same thing goes for colonialism, misogyny, anti-queerness, et cetera.

I hear a lot about how these ideologies are essential support for the capitalist system, and thus when capitalism is dismantled, they will just naturally fade away. This thread is me officially calling bullshit on that.

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Even if you accept countries' claims to be socialist/communist at face value, all you have to do is look at the post-Lenin USSR (historically) or China (now) to prove my point; both of these countries have a consist record of pervasive anti-queerness (with China also being violently colonialist as well.)

Shit, even Cuba, perhaps the least controversial country still in the Red Club, has only recently warmed up to idea that people like me deserve rights.

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It seems like all we gotta do is get labeled "agents of capitalist/imperialist decadence" by a big enough leader, and boom, there goes our rights. There goes "socialism" for us.

And therein lies the rub: if kyriarchal views are an essential pillar of capitalism, then it stands to reason that attempting to establish socialism without cultural deprogramming is unsustainable; we simply leave too many avenues for our hard-won freedom to be destroyed.

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I don't think this can be denied anymore; we've all seen how people will simply ignore anything that challenges their bigoted views. Like the Matrix, these people are so dependent on the system that they'll fight to preserve it.

Imagine that Europe becomes the ESSR overnight. Do you really think they'd give up their incredible hate for Travelling Peoples? When camp arsons, stolen children, and even lynchings persist? Get fucking real.

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The state would find a way to deny them full citizenship/personhood with the QUICKNESS. And where state oppression is found wanting, the people will gladly step in.

Then after that might come the trans people, or Muslims. Casual general bigotry is always fertile ground for the -truly- dedicated reactionaries against us. It gives them the weapons they need to corrupt and slowly destroy it from the inside out. It would all fall apart.


violence/murder/bigotry mentions 

So this is why I have vanishing tolerance for anyone who parrots "idpol distraction!" talking points, or papers over state-sanctioned bigotries within ostensibly "leftist" regimes as some trivial aberration.

Trust me, I would LOVE not to worry about food, shelter, or healthcare. But if self-determination/actualization is denied to ANYONE within any "socialist" order, it has planted the seeds of its own destruction.

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