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racism/bigotry (specifically against travelling people), migrant crisis, eupol 

All this cold has got me thinking.

To me, it was perfectly clear that Europe was deeply racist, ever since I heard of how they treated travelling people (Roma, Sinti, Irish Travellers). Almost everything you've seen done to Black and Indigenous people here in the US, Europe has done to them.

you: too many people want to be artists and thats just tough luck, you cant run an economy like that

me: liberate humanity from wage slavery so everyone can pursue their human interests

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mh, fluffiness, vore (~) 

Feeling good is scary! But I gotta embrace it and seek it out. Because staying comfortable and safe for me is usually misery.

...unless it's in a belly 😳

Mammal fursona: Furry
Reptile fursona: Scalie
Arthropod fursona: Buggalo

mildly lewd 

go ahead and SLURP up that THICK, CREAMY gender fluid

(it's full of vitamins)

Vorny/Pol, Book Joke 

the pred's guide to hard versus soft vore and its proper applications

:birdsite: /glinner / transphobia 

it was the year 2060 AG* and cis is illegal, gender having long been abolished after the chromosome wars of 2040. join our heroine rebecca womensgood on her journey to defeat the transgender empire and restore gender to this world

*after gender

homophobia, "murder music" reference 

Oh HELL the fuck no. 🗑️

All I'm saying is that we'd be totally justified in pirating insulin and other assorted hormones.

Not sure how to boost this more. But let's get this inf ront of the faces of those 922 patrons, whom are paying for supporting and running Mastodon (which should include the moderation team right?)

"Reimbursement for the mod team"

It is time to get the main (and Only truth be told) moderator of a living wage. please.


us fucking over the world pol, fuck liberals 

So the US is backing a coup against democratically-elected President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro and I guarantee 0 liberals who were aghast at allegations that Russia interfered in the 2016 election are going to even give a shit

Solidarity with Maduro and the People of Venezuela

"people in the past didn't conceive queer and trans identities in the same way we do" is a true statement that 90% of the time is deployed to stifle discussion of historical queerness

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Many leftists (anarchists, socialists, communists) place a lot of value on direct, personal participation in the political process.

I think that is wrong. Not everybody can handle real-time interactions the same (think ableism) and I have no reason to believe that a sharp and quick wit is the best way to conduct emancipatory politics.

The "direct" in "direct democracy" does not have to mean "immediate and personal".

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