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Communism is the only way I will fulfill my destiny of being an unusuallu large fluffpet


Having duchgood, vivid, adventurous dreams...waking up after 8-9 hours feeling just as tired as when I laid down.

Sometimes it feels like this reality is a nightmare my brain keeps trying to wake up from.

Job search relay, please boost 

Does anyone in Utah know a place that would be open to hiring a trans woman in need of employment starting next year? If so, please DM me; if not, please, *please* boost this. Thanks!

Depression, birdsite 

I'm so glad I decided to get away from that shithole and come here to see some positive news from my friends. Ihave been in a REALLY bad way lately and needed it

Boost this toot if you love being trans and/or shitting on facists

transphobic research (+) 

Last August, PLoS One published an article by a would-be Andrew Wakefield, suggesting that the internet is turning cis kids trans.

Today, the journal published a lengthy correction notice [1], a revised version of the article [2] “in which the author has updated the Title, Abstract, Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion sections,” and a formal comment [3] dissecting the original study’s methodology.

In addition, the editor in chief published a blog post [4] stating in part that “the issues with this article could and should have been addressed during the original peer review process. . . . In this case, as a journal we have failed in this responsibility when reviewing and publishing the original article.

“As Editor-in-Chief of PLOS ONE, I fully and sincerely apologize to the trans and gender variant community and others affected by those shortcomings. We should have handled this better.”


#FreeSpeech, "Diversity of thought" 

TL;DR: "diversity of thought" is a nonsense right wing invention that apes left wing positions on diversity without understanding them and seeks to replace humans with ideologies, as if it isn't perfectly rational and indeed necessary to exclude some ideas from one's platform or discourse in order to move forward.

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Folks, Health and Human Services is proposing to get rid of HIPAA privacy rights for seriously mentally ill people and addicts.

We have until 12/2 to flood them with comments telling them not to.

Please boost.

so sick of people asking whether im a child of the sun or a child of the moon


local pol, teacher strike 

oh hey this is late but the LA teacher's strike won:

- a mandatory cap on class sizes at every grade level

- hiring full time nurses at every school

- a librarian hired at every middle and high school by next year

- 50% reduction in frequency of standardized test assessments

- a hard cap on number of charter schools

- 6 percent pay raise

this contract was ratified by an overwhelming majority of the union. these changes will benefit not only the teachers, but every student in the city public school system.


Note; There is a measles outbreak in OR and WA.

Note that people from 20-30 are often at risk as we move doctors or don't have a GP and don't realize it is time for our measles vaccine booster. A couple years ago my Dr pushed me to get my records and I found I was behind on MULTIPLE vaccine boosters as I'd not realized it was 10 or 15 years or whatever after I'd gotten the first one.

I got mine by contacting the city government where I grew up since schools keep records of that.

racism/bigotry (specifically against travelling people), migrant crisis, eupol 

In conclusion: world is a fuck. I hope I don't freeze

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fundraising for queer self-defense in brazil 

There's been another uptick of violence against queer people in Brazil. I'm posting this fundraiser again, since C4SS has now decided to match $500 in donations (an increase from the original $250). It's at $715 when I post this, so consider chipping in.

You can read about the violence and find a link to the fundraiser here:

racism/bigotry (specifically against travelling people), migrant crisis, eupol 

What that told me was that, even though they acted nice towards other marginalized people, if they felt they could get away with their bullshit again, they would do so. And the migrant crisis proved me right.

And just like the US, European liberals are clutching their pearls over the rise of the far right...when a lot of these people probably wrote or co-signed anti-traveller laws themselves.

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