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Here are the covers for Inhabitant of Another Planet, a prologue to Novae that explores Raziol's first romantic and familial relationships.

You can find the story here~

🌟 sparklermonthly.com/ihoap/inha

The covers shows how Raziol imagines other celestial bodies and symbolize his feelings of isolation.

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Hello! We're KaiJu! We are the creative team behind Novae, a LGBT+ historical romance webcomic that tells of the love and adventures between an astronomer and a necromancer.

🌟 Read Novae🌟

✨ Our Patreon✨

(This one has tags! :D We forgot them on the last one...)

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Oof we've been forgetting to update on here! Ahhh~ There's a lot of new pages since we last updated~ here's some highlights~

Read more at novaecomic.com/