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*me in the mirror trying to pep myself up*: I'm MY OWN boy

Just a reminder that you can't use the restroom without getting a hall pass first 🙂

a lil uzi held in the vertical position is like the least intimidating thing ever

star wars nerds talkn bout some damn "tattooine

like, Thot, the only "tattooine" you better be doin is a tattoo of some snot under my nose,

Getting a tattoo of a maze, then going to get a second tattoo where id like a correct line traced from start to finish

yall'l tattoo some eyebrows but wont tattoo some pubes


i swear you bitches better keep my name out yo mothafuckin ass,

i dont smoke weed anymore so now I hit the juul like some mid, like i owe it rent, suck like a fiend, i fuckn s

you'll know im really thirsty when I saw im bones dry

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(R, G, B): (0.024, 0.429, 0.246)
Polish type: metallic
Percent full: 84.9

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im sorry but you must be off your DAMN gourd if you think imna take investment advice from <<Shahalazad, The Deceiver>>

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Bungie just lowered the price of #Destiny2: Forsaken Complete Collection to $25 (was $40) and is giving everyone who already owns Forsaken the Year 2 Annual Pass for free.


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