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A trata os dados pessoais como um direito de propriedade cuja a tutela pode ser transferida.

A trata os dados pessoais como um direito fundamental e portanto inalienável.

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Simulating an epidemic

Modeling work showing the likely effect of several coronavirus containment strategies.

Ungarn: Orbán greift nach unbegrenzter Macht | MDR.DE

Wir haben bereits den ersten Fall eines Präsidenten, der Verfassungs- und Grundrechte per Dekret unterdrückt.

Hungary’s Orban Uses Pandemic to Seize Unlimited Power

We already have the first case of a president suppressing constitutional and fundamental rights by decree.

Die Coronakrise die Freiheitsrechte - Not kennt ein Gebot

Wenn Regierungen beginnen, die Pandemie per Dekret zu bewältigen, werden die Menschenrechte auf totalitäre und unverhältnismäßige Weise unterdrückt. Verfassungen sind in Quarantäne.

The post COVID-19 world | ORF

The responsibilities and legal implications of international organizations in dealing with the coronavirus.

We created a group in the messaging app with participants from several countries to discuss the and prevent the spread of fake news. If you want to participate, join us:

China Is Legally Responsible for COVID-19 Damage and Claims Could Be in the Trillions - War on the Rocks

This article discusses whether it is possible to attribute China the crime of responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic.

Folding@home – Fighting disease with a world wide distributed super computer.

Coronavírus: isolamento digital é um luxo para poucos em um país de miseráveis

Excelente reflexão, vale a pena a leitura 📖

Quem sofre mais são os miseráveis, quem reclama mais são os que detém os meios de fazê-lo mesmo que seu sofrimento seja ínfimo.

Security, Privacy and the Coronavirus: Lessons From 9/11

It is important, in this moment of crisis, to separate what is theater and what is effective public policy to solve the crisis.

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