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Kameron Hurley @KameronHurley

Content isn't "free" when there are ads. The longer I work in advertising, the more this idea that content w/ads is "Free" bothers me. It's not free at all. You're paying for it with your time and attention to sponsored content, and how that content then drives you to take actions. It's not "free."

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@KameronHurley also, in many cases, the information you're giving by letting the ad load at all, like the sites you visit and other stuff.

I like to frame ad-based revenue as a micropayment between two third parties based on a bet about how much money they can make off showing you an ad.

(And, of course, because ads basically don't work / are in a red-queen's-race against cognitive defense mechanisms, and because ad tech is behind by years in its estimate of value due to the difficulty of translating ad views to purchases, the actual value is always a tiny fraction of the estimate & price is in free fall.)

In reality, unless you are a very small child with rich & gullible parents or you're on specific classes of drugs, the marginal value of any ad impression is approximately zero and has been for decades. The entire ad-tech ecosystem lives off the bubble formed by systematically overestimating that value, and because some of the worlds largest companies make all their money from that model there's a lot of resistance to being honest about it.

Imagine the 2008 crash, but with 99.99% of mortgages being sub-prime, globally, and entire first-world countries basing the majority of their economy on betting on them increasing in value.

@KameronHurley you're also paying for it with your personal info they collect as you wander thru the interwebs

@KameronHurley agree, and that's bothering me more and more offline. There's no way I can adblock or unsubscribe.

@KameronHurley Nothing is ever free! This idea of 'free stuff' is an invention of marketing departments.

If you aren't paying for it with your time viewing ads your paying for it with your endorsement, for example wordpress.com requires you to use 'wordpress.com' in your domain name.

People who think they receiving free services from corporations with millions of dollars in bills to pay are naive.

@KameronHurley not to mention if ads are laced with malware or cryptojacking software, your security as well

@KameronHurley While I agree with where you're coming from here, I don't think it would be beneficial to frame things that way.. Because it makes adblocking start to sound like "piracy".

@KameronHurley The only action ad content drives me to is to block it. Oh, and to put whatever the ad was for on my don't-buy list, higher on the list in proportion to how obnoxious the ad is (gratuitous sound and movement give more don't-buy points)