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Like, "Wow, who wrote THAT? Holy crap, it was ME!"

When you're reviewing a section you wrote the night before and you legitimately impress yourself.

So we upgraded our internet and now it's slower... The 2018 net neutrality story.

Also leads me to say shit aloud like, "you're only JUST NOW looking for the other body parts?"

Enjoying watching shows about The Frozen North lately, esp. murder shows. Trapped, set in Iceland, Fortitude, in Sweden. I love the arctic life. It's my jam.

An editor soliciting me for an "upbeat" story and all I can think is: "DO YOU HAVE ANY FAMILIARITY AT ALL WITH MY WORK? WHY ARE YOU CONTACTING ME?"

Today I learned that my max mobile deposit amount is $5k and not $2k, which is good to know here before royalty season.

When the client chooses the worst option. Always. Like clockwork.

One of those "overwhelmed by all the things why can't I just have ONE GODDAMN JOB" days.

Another day, another reminder that I have a billion word deficit

When client adds a line to your video script that says, "Celebrate the positivity!" and you just sigh and move on.

Its a rough month for cash flow. Not turning in that patreon story cause i was sick felt like good call at the time, but trying to come up with my $500 for drugs this month is now dicey. In better news, there was progress on the novel due in... 3 weeks! So, hurray

Whenever spouse or I make one of our weird jokes now I say "998 rebellions. "

I can't get the goods until I do the work.

Do the work.
Do the work
Do the work
Do the work
Do the work
Do the work

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