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Kameron Hurley @KameronHurley@mastodon.social

Officially posted to website that my appearances are BOOKED through 2019. Focused wholly on writing aspect of this job for awhile. I missed it, and I'm enjoying getting back to it without... you know, despising every minute.

The funny phrasing of, "I'm taking next week off work to work on my novel." I mean... there's no "off" work. Just diversion of resources.

Sold another story. It's a story I like the LEAST but they solicited and wanted something "funny" and well... the checks clear. Tra-la

Me: How could I make more money?

Only one billion more words to write, forever

Reading this book by Lila Bowen and it’s basically me deciding to extend my hiatus from the birdsite each day

Today I have paid all my CC bills. Now we write. So we can pay off more CC bills. This is what I get for spending so much time traveling last year. SIGH

I'm also VERY pleased with how the book is shaping up, but I'm not writing fast enough, still, to make deadline. Good stuff, tho!

Client hugged me after the presentation, so I guess it went well.

There's so much nonsense on Twitter i can't find the stuff I'm there for anymore

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One of the best early lessons one of my early career mentors taught me is to never be loyal to companies.

be loyal to friends

to coworkers

to yourself

But never to corporations. Corporations are there to exploit you, not to take care of you. They are not loyal to you.

I have leveled up to giving a client presentation tomorrow. Which, alas, means I have to come into the office. boo.