Seems like my #VerticalGardening is working... spinach, cabbages, lettuce and 2 tomatoes (just to experiment). The fertility is replenish by #composting kitchen scraps from an increasing amount of neighbors, which I plan to repay in food.

That's just a test, if it works properly I expect my yard walls to be covered by fall =D

Ooh I have thought about building a vertical garden and this looks good, good luck!

I was curious what are you using for substrate in here?

@Kamiten Hi, thanks!

I'm using a mix of home-made, garden soil and - shame on me I know - some bought soil. My garden soil was too clayish, and I have the idea that here is very important to have it light, water has to be able to easily flow down by gravity and up and down by capillarity.
Stagnant water is the main issue I can see here.

It is my first time though, so take it as an impression

Your first time is one more time than me! I've spent too long reading and not enough time doing. Going to follow because I'm interested in how this garden progresses. 😳😁

@Kamiten Thanks for motivating me, I'll post a picture once it's blowing with edibles (hopefully =D )

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