It’s been a punishing summer this year . 116 F through the month :(

Now that Senator Harris is officially on the presidential ticket , I want to reiterate this to fellow Privileged South Indian diaspora rushing to claim kinship / association - Senator Harris is American , she identifies herself as an African American . Stop coloring her in your privileged roots :)

PMSing like crazy and when I’m PMSing I’m savage about my WhatsApp forward takedowns with la familia kek kek kek

Fans of certain #18 are frothing at the mouth, thanks to Babar Azam being compared with their Idol and its funny and painful watching them go off on a tangent

Raise your hand if you are up and following the cricket game

लेकिन होता भूडोल, बवंडर उठते हैं,
जनता जब कोपाकुल हो भृकुटि चढाती है;
दो राह, समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो,
सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है।

It’s a Friday the 13th thing maybe , but I forgot my laptop at home and had to go back

Picked up the English Translation of Fikr Taunsvi’s chatta darya . Seems a fitting read given the turbulent times

Vita Nostra was the 29th book of the year and I may manage to read one more

My phone takes awaken pictures. Taking off from Madison for one last time , for the time being

Like why do I even support the Windies ? I don’t know

Between Thekkini and Kanniyan Kaattu Neeli , my Halloween songs for next year are set

Driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas and the scenery is something else

Nothing screams Thanksgiving week like Sangria and Pasta on a Monday

Shame on us that it has come down to this . Shame ! Shame ! Shame !

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This is a video that I saw on the bird site and this video made me extremely angry and triggered . An Anchor asks a JNU student why he is protesting against a fee hike , if he can buy an iPad and smartphone . Any person living in today’s society knows that an iPad and smartphone are minimum requirements of a post graduate education and students lacking these are seriously crippled and yet an anchor has to ask a student this question and have the student clarify .

Random marriage advice : Always keep finances separate . Make it a practice to have some joint savings and contribute jointly to expenses but always make it a point to have a sizable nest egg for yourself . You never know when things sour and money and your individual expenses become a bone of contention

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