Read an op-ed about how we need a new party that's in between the right-wing extremism that is now mainstream in the GOP and the left-wing extremism that exists, if at all, on the fringes of the Democratic Party.

We already have one of those. It's called the Democratic Party.


To mix some metaphors, we have a tiny left wing, an oversized right wing, and a center that the right wing likes to think is on the left.

No wonder we keep going in circles.



@KelsonV I used to be slightly left of center and have never been a member of any political party. 20 years ago I almost always mixed my votes among moderate to left-ish Democrats and moderate Republicans.

Then the GOP went hard right. They started calling people like me "leftists" and "socialists." It's gotten to the point that I believe them. My recent votes reflect that.

I'm not going in circles, although the US as a whole is. The GOP pushed me left.

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