Over on the birdsite, "First Lady" was trending. It's about Michelle Obama, not the current flotus.

Parler is trending on Twitter. I looked it up on Google search--just curiosity--and in the section "People Also Asked" saw this:

I see my recent commentary on the man who was assaulted by the Buffalo police is going to be an opportunity to clean my feed of ageist bigots.

Would people please stop calling Martin Gugino "elderly" and "old man." He's 75, but in that video he is clearly not frail or feeble--until a cop in riot gear catches him by surprise & knocks him down.

In 1900 the average life expectancy in the US was less than 50.

Found this Herring Gull perched on a sign at Great Kills Park in Gateway National Recreation area.

Today is (or perhaps I should say was) the last day of the & nobody else had uploaded anything at Great Kills.

In honor of Frederick Law Olmsted's 198th birthday I uploaded a photo of this Osage Orange tree that he planted at his Staten Island home to @iNaturalist. It's still standing!


Hadn't uploaded any observation to in a while--busy sorting & labeling photos.

Today I uploaded 15, including these cute turtles: inaturalist.org/observations/4

As part of today's Socially Distant BioBlitz on I posted a lot more plants than usual, including these violets: inaturalist.org/observations/4

Today I uploaded a few observations of Canada to today. For your weekend, enjoy some adorable goslings: inaturalist.org/observations/4.

Today I uploaded this cute to . After mostly posting birds, I'm trying to mix it up with plants and non-bird animals.


Very generous offer from Aly Raisman, Olympic medalist, helping out .

Sometimes good things happen on the birdsite!

Took a walk this morning. In keeping with I chose an unpopulated area with little foot traffic. Just me and the ! This lovely red-winged blackbird seemed to follow me--or maybe there's more than one.

So many things are closed in , but are still open and NYC Parks Department is doing programs (the outdoor ones, at least; not sure about indoor programs). Went on a lovely walk in Clove Lakes Park this morning and saw some great wildlife, including this .

In reply to nyc.streetsblog.org/2020/02/26 I took a stroll yesterday and tied some yellow ( ) and white (pedestrians & cyclists killed by automobiles) ribbons.

It's alarming how many white ribbons I tied in a four-mile stretch.

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