" the US CLOUD act enables US law enforcement to unilaterally demand access to EU citizens' cloud data -- even when it's stored outside the States."

So that's the US response to GDPR. Nice. Not.

Note that EU's #NGI initiative uses U.S.-based List-Manage to distribute their propaganda. To their defense, this is operated by a Swiss company, not an EU one. Ahem.

The keyword here is consistency.

@how @Karlitschek this has nothing to do with GDPR. GDPR is meant to protect personal data and the ability to ask your data. US can ask for every data owned by a US company even if it is abroad and this law is not civilian but judicial and aims to help solving criminal case, when GDPR protects people from unfair commercial use. You talk about a response against... But there is no "against" topic. This is not US against the world... And we are are not puppets decorating the outer world of America

@hacksterix @Karlitschek

It's a response in the sense that GDPR applies to all EU citizens regardless of where the data is stored.

Similarly, the US CLOUD Act applies to U.S. companies wherever they store the data. (So it may allow bypassing EU citizen protection...)

And, BTW, NSA spying on everyone has nothing to do with "unfair commercial use". The GDPR was created against PRISM, not their front shops Fakebooz and Gaggle.

I don't get your "puppets decorating bla bla".

@how @Karlitschek you said cloud act allow law enforcement to access Eu citizens data, in response to GDPR concerning Eu citizens owed abroad... We are talking about eu citizens. If the act was.concerning US citizen it would have been a correct response. My bla bla as you said is just a response to the words your using to talk about EU citizens 'nice not' 'for their defence' as if we were sheeps.

@Karlitschek That's awesome, Nextcloud has added enough extensions that this is actually a possibility. I wonder if we'll ever see the time when Nextcloud can compete with Open-Stack deployments. i.e. private full feature clouds.

@drown @Karlitschek Not sure this is the idea, imho. Rather focus on where the data lives, than "how" the data lives. Openstack, VMware, kvm has been done to death. However, Nextcloud is proving to be a leader in their field of collaboration tools. But as I said, just my opinion.

@hans_erasmushe @Karlitschek No, you're right. Owncloud/Nextcloud began as a private version of Dropbox/Google-Drive, and has added more features over time, as have they. But in this article the EU companies/govt chose Nextcloud over the big public providers, typically it's private-cloud's like Openstack/etc. that competes with those. Nextcloud doesn't traditionally battle in that space.

@Karlitschek The company I work for is in the process of moving away from SharePoint to Nextcloud ourselves.

@Karlitschek @TON There's a good article in there somewhere but it's too much of an advertisement for Nextcloud.

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