Wired: Europe has a plan to break Google and Amazon's cloud dominance

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We have a plan? 🤔

Piss up + beer factory springs to mind

@Karlitschek I wonder what @lightweight thinks.

He's been complaining that our govenment isn't supporting kiwi efforts in favour of inferior but better known options.

@alcinnz @Karlitschek spooky - was *just* reading that article... I think that the US cloud providers downplay sovereignty issues because they know they haven't got anything good to say there. I'd love to see some strong words (like "mandatory") related to "open standards compliance" (where open standards = I'd also love to see a good definition about what's deemed "critical information" that needs to be kept in the same jurisdiction as its owner.

@alcinnz @Karlitschek and, also, I think the world would be a much better place without Microsoft, Amazon, or Google in it.

@alcinnz @Karlitschek seems scary to me that the EU might be the only entity in the world who's willing to stand up to the quasi-national-level influence of the Frightful Five tech megacorps. Seems crazy that almost all the world's gov't's have abdicated so much of their own sovereignty to these ruthlessly exploitative entities.

@alcinnz @Karlitschek to wit - pretty much all of them (including the EU) are currently hostages of the Microsoft Corporation (see & ).

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