Forbes: Nextcloud is delivering a serious punch to the face of megacorp cloud companies by offering what it calls “one-click migration” from OneDrive, Dropbox and Google services.

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@ademalsasa @Karlitschek

Thanks for sharing :-)

One thing I dislike about this article is: it used the very secondary/artificial point to argue. What if there weren't any one click migration process, would it be any less important to move to #nextcloud?

@ademalsasa i use #syncthing to sync files between devices

my company and some initiatives where i'm active use nextcloud on own servers

@davidak I also use #Syncthing. So that's your practice, David. Thanks for sharing.

@redstarfish @ademalsasa @Karlitschek I think the article is targeting people who want to change but they're already stuck in the other ecosystems and can't change without fear of messing up or forgetting something. So the article is really focusing at that point.

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