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We’ve been tasked by the 🇪🇺 to conduct the most comprehensive Open Source study in many years.

Today, @FraunhoferISI@twitter.com and @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com’s study for the @EU_Commission@twitter.com is out. It’s been over a year of work.

What have we found out? Strap in for a 🧵


🐦🔗: twitter.com/OpenForumEurope/st


This is a super important study done by true experts in this field. In 2018, OSS contributed between €65 and €95 billion to the 🇪🇺’s economy. At a minimum, that’s the equivalent of the entire GDP of Luxembourg Thanks @mirkoboehm@twitter.com @KnutBlind@twitter.com @andrewjskatz@twitter.com

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