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Entire political, cultural, demographic, climatic, social, militaristic and revolutionary history of kashmir (basically everything).
Including the seemingly (isn't) most important part - Kashmiri Hindus.
@SidrahDP @Deepsealioness @NyxCom @BhavanaVarun @nikhil_thatte
Do boost and give it a read.

Hey @audreytruschke, could you please give a brief history of religion in kashmir please?
And where from dod the name "kashmir" come?

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“Patriotism is, fundamentally, a conviction that a particular country is the best in the world because you were born in it....”
― George Bernard Shaw

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has anybody done a stripe vs paypal thing from indian perspective. For me setting paypal was much easier than I expected but that was quite some time ago, if anybody has done it for stripe. Also from what my experience has been, in paypal any money coming from abroad stays couple of days in their checking account or whatever, apart from the processing fees and commission, the interest on whatever the amount is, what they actually make money of.

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Desperately looking for someone to keep my cat for two weeks in December, in #London.

If anyone is interested, please contact me. I can pay.


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Please spread the news and keep an eye on Hongkong tonight. The police is attacking the university with countless tear gas and other chemical weapons. Reporters are attacked. Students are trapped and arrested.

Tiananman Massacre must not happen again. Please please please spread the news.

Live stream in Hongkong:

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Remain patient and know that whatever is taken away from you will be replaced with something better.

Hazrat Ali

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Indians have a lot to learn from their neighbors. Smh.

Pak Air Traffic Controller Saves Indian Flight Carrying 150 Passengers After It Plunged Due To Lightening

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Hola! I’m Shinjini. I tweet on Birdsite as @modern_gypsy. I’m a self-taught artist, exploring my inner landscape through paint & mixed media. I bring my interest in depth psychology to my deck of tarot cards, which I also use as a jumping off point for art & writing.

I’m a cat momma to two tomcats, Simba & Loki. I’m an avid reader - fiction, mostly, & some depth psychology & a tiny bit of philosophy.

Left, liberal, secular.

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I'm a 46yo single mom with three kids.

Last Wednesday, my new neurologist prescribed me Carbidopa / Levodopa for possible Parkinson's disease.

I feel for Ady & family for what they're going through. I do.

But MY family is on the line 2.

#NoMiddleGround means #NOMIDDLEGROUND.


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Words of advice: Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to the Emergency Doctor.

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From the world of

If all toilets in your house are occupied and you are waiting for one to be free,

switch off the wi-fi. 😊

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@Mairajmx Request Follows

And get a follow back from that handle

Network & follow everyone who follows you

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“O you who believe!  Fear God, and be with those who are true (in word and deeds).”

(Quran 9:119)

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Hi! I'm Pranjali.

I'm 24 and still trying to figure out this adulting business. From Mumbai, India and a little late to the party. I find social media stressful, so I don't do Twitter (et al). That said, this seems like a less noisy, more inclusive community, and I do love me some healthy public discourse. Trying to find meaning in the crazy. I'm here to listen, lurk, and occasionally spam you with pictures of my 🐾 babies.


Happy children's day.
- The children of Kashmir.
P.S: even we don't like that N*hru guy.

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There is so much idealism and hope flowing around here.

For a Social Media platform, it feels... Unnatural.

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“My name itself is the problem, vappichi”, she told her father.

The all india topper was forced to commit suicide due to caste-based and islamophobic harassment from the IIT teachers. @jamewils @Deepsealioness

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