46 new forests will now be planted in Denmark 💚

Happy Autumn (or Spring) to the fediverse! 🍂🌱

Absolutely beautiful sunrise today. The air so thick with fog you could see the droplets as it rose off the river #photography #nature

Copenhagen thoughts 

I wonder how weirded out bugs are when they sit on a window... wtf! Why is the air solid!?

Ecosia installs have increased by +1000% in the past week. Nice! 🌳 ✨

Apertium, a free open alternative to Google Translate, is currently under development (apertium.org).

However, there is some disagreement in the development about whether to use certain third party services which may affect privacy:


I'm not a developer, so I don't know what the technical trade-offs are here with viability vs privacy.

However, if you are a developer interested in the project, please do make your opinion known in the thread above.

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