Hey Mastodon! Me and @krainboltgreene went over Mastodon 3.0's new features in this video, come watch:


so, my character is either a true male, or a false male :flan_think:


This is a weird way to store the character gender information, in my Dead Pixels II character file.



46 new forests will now be planted in Denmark πŸ’š

Happy Autumn (or Spring) to the fediverse! πŸ‚πŸŒ±

@pikachu that's a good amount of years you've collected! happy year collectors' day! πŸ₯³

@koyu True, but I mean if you're already on that app's page in Google Play - I wouldn't really call it an ad. But I'd definitely prefer it to be an option to view the video. I usually prefer the screenshots.

@koyu But I agree, that autoplaying app videos is also annoying. Even if you're looking at that app.

@koyu They say that they will restrict app videos that have monetization activated on YouTube. Meaning, app videos with ads will not be shown in Google Play.

@trickster oh perfect! Everything is as it should be then. After all, we should not feel too engrossed by the interesting article. Depth and focus is old-school.

@trickster I seriously don't get how ANYBODY can think that's a good user experience. It looks horrible and chaotic. You get a heart attack from stress before you get to the subheading.

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