🎶Holy mother of God, you've got to go faster than that to get to the top!
Dirty old mountain all covered in smoke, she can turn you to stone so
You'd better start doing it right...

- my brain during the climactic battle scene in The Northman.

I'm a little weirded out by how similar Jacob in Olga Tokarczuk's BOOKS OF JACOB is to J.E.D.D. Mason in Ada Palmer's Terra Ignota books. It's pure coincidence that I'm reading BOOKS OF JACOB and PERHAPS THE STARS simultaneously - my turn with the public library's e-copy of the former just came up and the waiting list behind me was long, while I've been very slow with the latter because dead tree. Would I see the similarities otherwise, I wonder?

@shaunduke Yeah, I had a look during a free trial of appleteevee and it has slid right out of my memory. Like did I even finish the episode?

@Jmtd I sure do like those early Eno albums. I always keep an eye open for them on vinyl when I visit our local shop.

in my own collection tonight and I'm grooving to Pizzicato Five's Made In USA. Yes that's the one with

@therisingtithes Enjoying your poetry book. Trying mastodon again in case the other place turns into an even bigger seething cauldron of hellfire. BTW you should get a prize for "because who she is..."

@shaunduke Heyo. I guess we're all gonna try this again. Is Paul over here too, to help you extract intel on our reading habits?

@paulecooley Hey there. I sure like the idea of this but migrating here didn't work out last time we were all gonna ditch Twitter.

Trying Mastodon again. Who can see this right now? @johnmierau? Anyone?


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