I'm definitely feeling some of that old-school "early social media" excitement on Mastodon.
Back when we were all blasting the kind of deep thoughts you'd come up with on the toilet right into the twitter void because you weren't scared of "the wrong people" reading it.

You know, when social media was FUN to use, and not an anxiety inducing chore.

@Kathleen_LRR Guess we'd better make the most of this part while it lasts.

@Kathleen_LRR Oh I mean years. It could be years before things move on again. And in the meantime, then important part is the friends we make along the way.

That might be the first time that's ever been said non-ironically...

@Kathleen_LRR @korvys Being genuine and leaving the snark and irony posting behind has been the most refreshing tonal shift, and I love it.

@Kathleen_LRR @DialMforMara Or whatever you like. Music stuff is definitely welcome! Have you heard of fediplay? There's a client ( ) that will download and play music links by people you follow posted with (usually also ) automatically. It's cool! It's like a radio station DJed by all your friends.

@Kathleen_LRR oooh, someone on Mastodon I've heard about before! Interesting :)

I had great fun watching some of the Desert Bus streams a few years ago, back when I had time for stuff like that. Thanks for making the internet funnier :)

And welcome to Mastodon / The Fediverse :blobwizard:

@zatnosk Cool, nice to meet you. I'm old so this just reminds me of early twitter. Not a complaint!

@Kathleen_LRR oh, I didn't read it as a complaint :)

While I wasn't any kind of early adopter with Twitter, I've been in a few upstart social networks. Mastodon is the first where I feel it's maturing in a way that doesn't loose too much of that early joy of a new world.

Interestingly it's also the first network I've been on where the early culture was influenced primarily by queers and/or furries - defending the cheerful, supportive environment.
(Stop me if it's uninteresting)

@zatnosk I'm all in for a space where the overall tone hasn't been set by privileged dudes who've lived early lives.

@Kathleen_LRR yeah, being one of those dudes (although hopefully in the kinder end of the spectrum), we're generally not good at setting tones :P

@zatnosk I'm just very into the idea that this could be a place where people go to connect instead of get mad and fight.

@Kathleen_LRR I'm getting this feeling too and I'm really happy about it.

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