I think one of the most exciting things about a new platform like this is that the user base is largely made up of people sick of drama, hate, and the nightmare that has become Twitter’s “culture”.

You can sort of...sense that people here want a change. Something more real, more unique, that feels good to use. It’s refreshing.


@wedge I could really give fewer shits about this service to stay up on current events. I want a place to talk to people I want to talk to.

@Kathleen_LRR @wedge yeah, there's plenty of ways to get news, expecting social media to be one of them seems to have been a folly. Even if everyone is being truthful, it's a non-linear game of telephone.

@Kathleen_LRR @wedge See one of the things I LOVE about Twitter is the shared experience of watching or witnessing a major event. The Oscars, Super Bowl halftime show, ect. I think that’s where services like this can really shine.

@James_LRR @Kathleen_LRR @wedge I also love the "shared events" experiences. I *do* wish I could tune out politics on Twitter (even though I'm guilty of posting political things myself and am trying to stop). I'm committed to avoiding it here. Keeping this place full of loving things, friendship, and positivity would make it my most visited website.

@leesharpe @James_LRR @Kathleen_LRR @wedge I feel like the content warning system is gonna be a godsend for that case, since people who don't mind politics can tag their posts as such, and people like you can just not see it.

(Also gonna be great for being able to talk about a movie or TV show without risking spoiling people)

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