Mastodon, I have good news, my very elegant and good boy Baxter has arrived.

@memnus he stopped cuddling me after I took this photo so I think he knows I’m poking fun at him.

@Kathleen_LRR ooh!! Hi! I thought you looked familiar! I watch Desert bus for hope every year! Your kitty is cute but appears to be vibrating at a high rate of speed!

@splott hi! Glad to meet you on Mastodon. When I don’t do Desert Bus I’m a hypersonic cat wrangler.

@Kathleen_LRR nice to meet you too! Hypersonic cats are the best kind, you just have to worry about those temporal distortions!

@Kathleen_LRR this is the good good content this platform needs to really take off.

@Kathleen_LRR See, this is exactly the quality content I'm looking for on here. Wholesome photos of cats plane-shifting into realms from beyond. Delightful.

@Kathleen_LRR ooooo sweet pic, but just a tip, using the cw eye contact is suggested
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