Brave New Favs tonight! 9:30 PM PDT.

New music from Aphex Twin, Oh Sees and more!

No vods, no replays, catch it while you can!

(If you haven’t seen Brave New Favs before, it’s pirate radio except you can see me.)

@Kathleen_LRR I hope I can watch this one, these have breathed new life into my work playlist.

@Kathleen_LRR I'm so glad I got my Apple TV working with Twitchy!

@Kathleen_LRR This turned into the perfect end to an impossible week. Thank you!

@Kathleen_LRR That was a lot of fun! I have to catch it again some time when I have more spoons to spend. Get tired watching chat real fast. Do you have lists somewhere so I can go listen to things if I miss it?

@Kathleen_LRR Derp, I missed that you posted it further on, don't mind me ^^''''

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