Hey, I'm live now! Let's all listen to... NIRVANA?! A trip back in time on Brave New Favs today!

Remember -- no vods, no recordings, only memories!

Let's hope my computer doesn't randomly shut off.

Oh what’s this?

*drops radio stream with an innocent look on face*


No vods, so if you miss it, it’s gone.

I’m live right now! Music stream now or never, no vods, watch it now or miss it forever.


I moved Twitter off my home screen page and now instead of social media greeting me with environmental doom, panic and political awfulness every morning, I’m getting the real feels of my friends.

So it’s a lot first thing in the morning either way.

Baxter is hanging out on my bed like some kind of Jim Henson creature shop boy.

Miss Brave New Favs? Here's the Apple Music playlist.
OR, just go look up these: (song - artist)
1. C - Oh Sees
2. Berlin Wall - Hotel Lux
3. Let Love Inn - The Entire Universe
4. The Basement - Lunar Vacation
5. Rain (Ft. Kopano) - Billy Lemos
6. How much - Tiny Ruins
7. Drift - Therese Lithner
8. T69 Collapse - Aphex Twin
9. Panegyric - Helena Hauff
10. (She's) Just a Phase - Puma Blue
11. The spell of a vanishing loveliness - Cornelius
12. Heaven's Away Team - Vexxed

Brave New Favs tonight! 9:30 PM PDT.


New music from Aphex Twin, Oh Sees and more!

No vods, no replays, catch it while you can!

(If you haven’t seen Brave New Favs before, it’s pirate radio except you can see me.)

@splott hi! Glad to meet you on Mastodon. When I don’t do Desert Bus I’m a hypersonic cat wrangler.

@memnus he stopped cuddling me after I took this photo so I think he knows I’m poking fun at him.

Mastodon, I have good news, my very elegant and good boy Baxter has arrived.

Mark your calendars for the next Brave New Favs:
Saturday, Aug 18th 9:30 pm PDT

No vods, don’t miss it!

I feel asleep on the couch at the office and when I woke up someone had given me a blanket made of fun fur.

Trying out something new and exciting for the crapshoot today. Come check it out when we go live today to see if it works out.
1pm PT (probably be a little late though).


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