This kind of traffic stop has been used to target people of color for years. There are ways to keep driving safe without confrontational traffic stops that target Black drivers and cause more harm to communities.

Along with that, both parties are not the same and who you vote for matters.

Philadelphia to ban minor police traffic stops to promote equity:

University of Florida says professors are free to testify in case against the state, if
they aren't paid - CNN
Guess the public push back made a difference.
MSNBC will be airing live oral arguments in SCOTUS.

First time ever for MSNBC do do this.

Leaders of the world’s biggest economies made a compromise commitment Sunday to reach carbon neutrality “by or around mid-century” as they wrapped up a two-day summit that was laying the groundwork for the U.N.

China and India get more than 50 percent of their energy from coal. The United States depends on coal for about 12 percent of its primary energy, and the figure is similar in Europe.

Scientists warn that heat-trapping emissions must fall dramatically by 2030. Otherwise, the world faces more extreme hurricanes, floods and droughts, likely displacing millions of people.

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

G20 make commitments on climate neutrality, coal financing

I'm sorry to lose one of two Republicans who is willing to stand up for democracy, but even if Kinzinger had a safe Republican seat rather than a new district where he must compete with another Republican, he'd likely face a primary challenge from the right. Illinois Republicans are challenging the new map, but unless Texas Republicans will be told not to gerrymander, the Illinois map should also stand. I'm against gerrymandering, but everyone has to do it at once. The idea that Colorado and Illinois should have fair districts, but Texas can have skewed Republican districts is ridiculous. If California gerrymandered, we'd pick up 10 seats in the House.

Kinzinger is hinting at a run for senator or governor in 2022. I don't know who would support him -- Republicans are fully TFG's party now, and Democrats aren't going to unseat Duckworth or Pritzker for him, grateful as we are to have supporters of democracy across the aisle in the House.

There shouldn't be any religious exemptions. Any organization that denies science is a cult, not a religion.

There's no real religion that is anti-vaccination.

I'm sick of people who haven't even cracked the cover of any religious text vaguely motioning at it and saying "I'm sure it's in there somewhere."

Supreme Court declines to block Maine vaccine mandate:


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