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World, take note.

The fight in India is between the children of Mahatma Gandhi versus the hate filled spawns of his assassin, Nathuram Godse.

It is a fight for the very soul of India.

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My fellow Indian women are making me proud. They are so vocal about their disappointment and it’s this bjp regime. They are out there in the streets protesting and facing police brutality, and on media platforms speaking up for nation.
This movement is being defined by the women

Khauff ki andheri badli ko chaantkar , bade dino baad himmat ki sunehri dhoop zhilmilayi he, mulq ke sab bachcho ke sath aa jane se , kya khoob insaniyat muskurayi he... koshishe lagataar thi ke nakar de "ke tum kahi ho " , par lakh man wazan ke bawajood julm ka seena faad nanhi kali ubhar aayi he... bade dino baad himmat ki sunehri dhoop zhilmilayi he.. roj roj ki dehshat bhari sadaye sunkar, dil me ek khyal panapne laga tha ke shayad khiza se bahar ab mumkin nahi, par naummidi to shirq he,

Barbas hi ye ayat zeher ke panno se nikal ayi he, bade dino baad himmat ki sunehri dhoop zhilmilayi he... aaj roshni ki mashalen liye safon me betiyaan bhi he bete bhi he , banaras se bhi he aligarh se bhi he, delhi se bhi he bangaal se bhi he...bambai se bhi he haidraabad se bhi he.. aaj na koi hindu raha na musalman raha.. naujawaan farishta sifat luhaaron ne , shaitaan ke mansubon par kya karaari chot lagayi he... bade dino baad himmat ki sunehri dhoop zhilmilayi he . ....

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Cops along with unidentified Sanghi goons unleashed brutal violence on protesting students, storming into a campus. Are we a police state?

Stand together against injustice & repression.
for unleashing violence

What kind of nation are we building. When you sow hate in these young minds how can we expect an peaceful India
Footage of sports day program in the school run by RSS’s Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat.
Can’t upload the full video.
Hate MP her creating more hate filled minds in these schools

@KapilSibal@twitter.com @IJaising@twitter.com Sr. Adv. Gonsalves - We understand that the court doesn’t want to be held at ransom.

CJI - If you want to take to the streets, take to the streets. This is not how you do it.

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To every Congress Man / Woman out there.
This question comes to you from a man who wore his own name monogrammed on his suit.
You wear Khadi - the symbol of peace,equality and freedom movement.be proud and flaunt your Khadi, stand for justice, stand with the students of India.save this nation from the brutal facist regime of Modi-Shah’s bjp
Jai Hind

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They didn't even do this to the university they've hated the most, JNU: getting inside hostels, classrooms & beating students; vandalising, burning property; using bullets.

They did this only to AMU and Jamia.

This is not Policing. This is "ghar mein ghus ke maarna" mentality.

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Reports of Delhi police sexually abusing girl students coming in, they are cutting off the power and abusing students.
Nothing gets captured on cc tv in the dark

@Kattmandige They are not just religious bigots, they follow nazis for inspiration, why do you think they would like citizens protesting? Its people like us who became "apolitical" and ignored the consequences of general public driven by "development" and "nationalistic" speeches of modi and shah. Its high time we fight back else the country we know is no more. 😢

Salman Khurshid at the NFC police station: 16 students who were detained at the have been taken to the AIIMS trauma centre

The students detained at police station will be released in 15 minutes, said the SHO.

One student who had a head injury has been taken to Apollo from Kalkaji

The new normal

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Police moves into Gauhati University and Cotton University.

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The sheer brutality of the Delhi police on the student is shocking. My expectations from this bjp regime is nil, but I never expected it to attack kids like this. How can it deny the basic right to protest?
This is state sponsored terror on Indian citizens.The idea of Akhand Bharath at the cost of Indian citizens. Shame of people who still support the regime. I will never be able to wipe the images away from my mind. I bow to these brave kids

Join us in Bangalore on 15th December at 6 PM.
Venue - Town Hall

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