An essay on understanding India's caste 'system' currently tops my list of things I don't wish to learn.
I just can't imagine it doing me any good?

@gemlog @KayKap you don't think learning for its own sake holds any value? It's interesting, that should be enough

@Aleums Not everyone has an interesting in learning about India's caste system. And please, one's taste is not to be forced on others. If @gemlog is not interested or doesn't wish to learn, that's perfectly fine. And, please don't make assumptions as to who is interested and who is not...

@KayKap @gemlog that is fair. It just seems odd to me that someone would pop up in the comments to declare they have no interest in learning the thing.


@Aleums A mall request, if you feel something has popped into your timeline by mistake, ask for clarification, please, we can chat/discuss it out... @gemlog

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