@gemlog @KayKap this image is too simple therefore according to itself it must be wrong.


Well actually the image is complex. Might look simple at first glance but it is not.

There are people who can see others falling off the cliff coming to the intersection and yet choose the simple path because that's all they read.

You don't see people walking back from the simple path even though they can see others falling in front of them.

You need knowledge to take the complex part. Hence the bookshelf.

You need to keep reading it will help for ever twist.

@gemlog @KayKap

I don't know what your definition of complex is, but I assumed the image's definition - you need to take a long(time consuming), curved(non obvious) path, that you discover/traverse through reading(rigorous study). Everything you pointed out(and even more) one can discern from this image rather quickly, in a straight forward fashion, without studying anything, therefore, according to itself, it is simple and a wrong answer to whatever the question might be.
@gemlog @KayKap


😂😂😂😂😂 Dammit the answer is so complex it must be the right answer.

@gemlog @KayKap

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