All those bjPEE folks dancing & celebrating the Developed Nation tag, here's the 1st cut:
Trump imposes a $260 million penalty on India on visit eve.
This move is not just abt loss of $260 million in GSP benefits but also abt how many lakhs jobs cd b lost in specific industries when eco is facing growing unemployment & stagflation.

India’s per capita Gross National Income (GNI) is way below the threshold of $12,375: at just $2,000 is miles away 4m the status of a developed country.

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@KayKap Now where is that foto of little modi hugging big daddy trumpy?

@KayKap Per capita GDP (Nominal) we are ranked 139 out of 186.

Ofcourse we should be proud that we are ahead of Togo,Liberia,Sudan,Zambia,Burkina Faso,Etiopia and Rawanda.

@moonlighting Of course! Can't you see us beating 56" chests in pride? Whatever progress we had made under UPA2, gone down the drain. And if the tom-tommed dairy-poultry deal goes through say hello to ever increasing farmer deaths. Will spell the death knell of India's agrarian economy

@KayKap Yes we have lost momentum big time.Last 6 years crude prices were comparatively lower if not we would had it worse.Havent read about dairy-poultry deal , sounds ominous. Shall read soon.

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