So, sometime for music... this became very popular when it was 1st released and you could hear it playing everywhere, while everyone copied the dance moves...

Los Del Mar - Macarena

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Wow. Of course I have Zero idea what he's saying! :-) What can I call this even? Indian rap? Very different! :-)

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As the name suggests, he is trying to sing it "breathless", which can only be done in a studio. 😀

Continuing with the music..

Apache Indian - Chok there

@gemlog Well, you know what they say, If i tell you, I would have to... 😜 😂 @viv @Iwalkalone @wabbster @bumbleebee @Vishsai

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The lonely shepherd from the movie Kill Bill performed freestyle by Luca Stricagnoli. Watch his hands.

@bumbleebee Ah yes. Lol completely forget about it. He is a genius.

8 in the morning here and that's pretty close to how my skies look right now too
In about a half hour I'm going to take a walk and work in the rain all day...
It's 11C and will likely not get much past 14 though. Hot and humid would be worse :-)
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True. Humidity especially. Was cold and nice inside the house. But by the time I returned from a walk, my shirt was drenched.

Every day my co-worker must mention how grateful he is at least several times.
It's ~35ha on a hillside. From top to bottom it is about 100m vertically. It can be a workout!
A lot different from a lifetime with a soldering iron or a keyboard coding I can tell you! 🙂
Well, time to go to work. See you guys on the next music thread.
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I just got home from work, so it's like 4:30 in the morning in India. It was a Perfect day for doing that kind of work. Very high overcast clouds, zero rain, few bugs and a slight breeze and no hotter than 14C. I wanted to take a foto from near the top, but I didn't work up there today, but only about halfway up.

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A cousin brother might lose his job as his neighbor got covid and the entire area is in complete lock down. He is a civil engineer who over sees construction sites.

So many untold stories as every day goes by things seem to be getting more personal.

I am so sorry.
In my area I don't know anyone with covid and since I work outside there are no restrictions in place.
In the town we have plastic barriers to clerks and marks on the floor every two meters, but with no deaths or ppl in hospital, it seems like a charade.
I know this is because of remoteness and our low population density - I do see much death and suffering around the world. Chennai, Melbourne, New York...
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@Vishsai true. Once seemed so distant, but now up close n personal. And so intensely damaging that it's not even remotely funny. Can cousin get an esma pass? Would that help? @gemlog @Iwalkalone @viv @bumbleebee

@gemlog esma = essential services maintenance act. Those who fall into that category get a pass that permits movement. @Vishsai @Iwalkalone @viv @bumbleebee

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They have asked him to stay because his mother had a conversation with the neighbors

@Vishsai oh dear! 14 day or 28 day quarantine? Can someone handle it in his stead? @gemlog @Iwalkalone @viv @bumbleebee

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Wow! May I ask where you have set your office. It certainly has a marvelous view!

Holy mac! I think my brain just exploded trying to follow what he was doing!
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Go through his channel. He is a bloody genius. Gifted is too modest a word.

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