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@KayKap @Simar Oh! Mea Culpa...

I was just beginning to enjoy something and it turned out that there is a no effort way of doing so through a mobile app...dammit! Why does everything have to have an app!?! Hence the face-palm Ms.

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Wow... That's what u understood from all my toots??
I am not.
Are u a preacher or a pundit ??
Let me advise u to stop pushing religion to me.
It is a friendly advise and I am strongly and politely telling u to heed it.

Here we are talking abt not forcing others & u... 🤦

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Loose Translation : Change in citizenship law, but what about change in citizens

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Those who opposed the in parliament, need to take things up a notch.

These opposition parties now need to stall and stop the exercise in their respective states.

What the hell can the center do? Send in the Army? Nope!

Modi and Shah's balls are tied in this situation.

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"They did nothing whatsoever to bring the Muslim close to the Hindu within a single nation. They did almost everything to estrange them from each other. Such estrangement is the root cause of partition. To espouse the philosophy of estrangement and, at the same time, the concept of Akhand Bharat is an act of grievous self-deception, only if we assume that those who do so are honest men."

~ RM Lohia

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Wait till they encounter one of your innocent loved ones because some aadhaar linked surveillance like cloned copies of fasttag or a cloned sim made them a suspect.
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Tonight I give you the permission to call me butthurt for lulz, only because I just arrived at my destination after driving 500km / 11 hours 🤣
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In rural Jharkhand, Aadhaar has become a hurdle in providing food security

The state saw 23 deaths due to starvation and non-availability of subsidised food grains in the past four years.

UPA's biggest blunder was fallen for Nilekkanni's sales pitch!

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@Dasbolshevik there's just a one liner to explain it all. They are now a race that has no spine and no balls.

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For those looking for a slight distraction or maybe just to recharge/freshen their gray cells: An online Quiz site, one for each day! Have fun, sorry Phunnn!

4 those Who r
Residing in India
Above 18
Read Newspapers on/offline
Watch TV/NetFlix/Prime
Watch Hollywood & Bollywood
Believe Music is universal
Love History
Live Life

Via @Simar

@TriptoRoy Mobile app available, too... very, very addictive @Simar

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The sea recedes,
taking with it
all those bright things
bobbing happily
on the surface:
joy, hope, life.
It recedes
and recedes
into a yawning abyss
of despair
littered with all the dead hopes
that never made it
to the shore,
that never will,
and then something comes,
a bird maybe,
or the dream of one,
an omen
I cannot name,
and I rise,
the dread wave
is coming,
the tsunami
is on the way,
but I smile.
I have life.
I will fight.
I will die
damned be the sea,
damned be the sky.

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I decree that henceforth autocorrect shall be called autoincorrect.

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Things will get a lot worse and there will be more casualties before the purge...

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From Mashable: This electric train/plane hybrid is the best of both worlds

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