*selects the lineart for a character's head to reposition it*
*Accidentally rotates, snapping their neck*

Upside to getting screenwriter advice recommended to me by the algorithm: it's often very relevant to writing comics

Downside: I also keep getting these black & white photos of famous directors starting dramatically into the camera accompanied with a quote about storytelling.

Not saying all their advice is bad, but I'm tired of the hero worship and recycled 'born talented' mythology that always gets applied to these men.

My comic updated last night! :U

(Also updated last week too, but I was too embarrassed by the placeholder dialog to link it, but also too busy to fix it until late in the week.πŸ™ƒ)

Latest: witchofdezina.com/comic/113

For being someone who "doesn't like pink", I sure do use it a lot in my comic.

@KayPengwin at least I caught the typo on the page before I posted it.

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Damn. Y'all really let me upload a page with placeholder dialog.

I was gonna make the "I can't talk right now I'm doing hot girl shit" joke because I was holding a snap pea like a cigarette while eating it, but then I looked up the music video that meme came from and now my previous thought process is completely derailed.

Also I scheduled another comic update that went up Monday night and forgot to tell you guys I'm sorry. :')

Latest: witchofdezina.com/comic/111

Seems to be the growing season for my money plant and rubber plant. πŸ™‚

And the dying season for my begonias. πŸ™ƒ

I tried hard but it's hard to keep the humidity up in winter with the heaters going.

Script: everyone turns to look at the source of the noise

Me, having to draw it, counting 6 characters in the scene:

Despite living at a higher latitude, I never paid attention to the shift of daylight when I was a kid.

But now I'm tracking these things more intently; taking note of sunrise and sunset times and where the sun is positioned in the sky.

Unfortunately this solar awareness brings existential dread from realizing that I am very much a creature stuck to a planet hurdling through space around a star.

I was always scared to go to space, but now I realize it's too late. I've always been in space.

My cat guilt trips me into making my bed because he likes to lay on it during the day while I'm working but he requires a flat surface so if there's clutter he relocates from his preferred sleeping spot to the next closest one that's tidy. So then I see him resting 1ft to the east of his usual and realize I've disrupted his routine.

I look over at my husband who's sitting on the bed, and suddenly think of how lucky I am that he can't grow a proper beard because that would mean there's a chance he would wear a moustache to troll me and if that happened I would scream and maybe cry.

Oh, right. My comic updated a couple times too but I've been too distracted to tweet about it. πŸ‘€πŸ’¦

Why does my comic have so many pages? There's 60 in this chapter now?? And they just keep coming!

Here's the answer btw. 1 shot by a police, 3 who experienced other medical emergencies and died, and 52 arrested.


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Can't believe I had to Google "did anyone die at the coup yesterday?"

Drawing comic characters in blank panels: UwU

Adding backgrounds to those panels: Γ’wΓ“ ur in a space! 🌌 ur in a place! 🏞️

@KayPengwin And yeah, I know those fandoms are different than webcomic ones.. and maybe if that does happen it means I have a fandom which would be good?

But man it's hard to let perfectionism go when you recently watched a YouTuber shame animators for not drawing an eye symmetrically.

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"the drawing is good enough.. Just move on to the next panel" I try to tell myself, "no one is going to look that closely at this character at a weird perspective in the corner."

*Immediate flashbacks to anime fans that mocked poorly drawn bg characters or a single smear*

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