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this is a test of the emergency broadcast chicken ๐Ÿ”

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So: a gentle and loving reminder to all my old birdsite friends: it's appreciated here when posting political toots, or anything that might be unsettling or triggering, that you tag your toot with a content warning, so it is hidden behind the warning by default. It's not a red flag that your tweet is bad, trolls aren't going to come for certain flags (can't search them), it's just one way that this community protects itself.

Some people even use the CW feature to make clever jokes. You'll see.

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Beautiful photo of Disneyland's Submarine Lagoon getting refurbished in 1964. Guest starring: Mk II Monorail Red, Skyway buckets.

time! My name is Kyle, and I'm an nerd. I used to define myself by being an Evangelical Christian, but now I'm mostly floating in-between.

I have a History/PoliSci degree and I'm working on becoming a teacher in FL. I'm a native Californian, but I've lived all over the US.

I'm (self diagnosed), and the father of an autistic daughter as well as an NT son.

Main obsessions now:

There are many Mastodon instances with which your home instance federates but which you might not want to see in your timelines. Fortunately, you can hide all toots from a given instance.

1) In your home instance's web interface, open the account of a user on the server you wish to hide.

2) At the bottom of their profile, next to their follower/following stats, is a "..." menu. Click that.

3) At the bottom of the new context menu, click "Hide everything from <instance>".

You're done!

There's these studies about how once you commit to an opinion in front of someone you're less willing to back down from it even in the face of new insights; and online in 2018 has this culture where people rush to comment on everything that happens as fast as possible, you know? Is that a good combination?

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LB: Seriously, the CW feature is one of the best parts of Mastodon. Use it liberally. I don't _mind_ seeing untagged stuff, but there's plenty out there who do.

Mastodon Meta 

Something I've noticed since the influx of new people is that CWs have virtually disappeared from my timeline. Maybe people aren't aware that it's one of the most important features here? It's not just for movie spoilers - it lets people opt in to things that might upset them. I would go so far as to say that the culture previously dictated any talk of politics and health go behind a CW. Without CWs this place turns into the rage machine and it's avoidable this time.


I went through and tried to delete Google Apps off my phone. Then I realized that I use Gboard and am basically screwed.

I'm trying to move over here from birdsite. This reminds me of, and that's not a bad thing.

any designers on here that wanna help out on a mastodon app for ios? particularly interested in working with you if youre part of an underrepresented group in tech.

boost for visibility? ๐Ÿ˜Š


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