coming up at 0 hours universal, that's 8 PM Eastern, 5 Pacific, it's the hawaiian connection (Live) at

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This is now the *second* high-profile police execution of a white male in a row. One newspaper (not this one) revealed the victim's race in a racist attempt to stem rioting.

Protest crowds are still forming. Because it's the police that's out of control!

ah, excelent!
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Tonight on The Fun Zone we celebrate my 40th birthday and play songs about getting older. Tune in by asking your smartspeaker to play Dementia Radio, Radio Onion Ring, RFD2, or TBRN. You can also watch me do the show at

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Apple: ‘Moving iMessage to Android will hurt us more than help us’

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Coming up live at 00:00 UTC: two hours of relaxing New Age, Ambient, and Meditation music on Northern Lights with Kelly Sapergia

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Health experts are increasingly concerned by evidence of higher risks of brain and mental health disorders among COVID-19 survivors.

Morning all, today is the day I get my Behringer 302 mixer! woohoo!

will be getting my first mixer, it's the behringer 302, along with the podcasting gear! can't wait!

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coming up at 0 hours universal, that's 8 PM eastern, 5 Pacific it's the hawaiian COnnection (Live) at

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Happy Birthday to Fred and George. The twins may never have been prefects, but they were the perfect pair to keep us laughing throughout the series!

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A video of an anti-Asian attack in NY shows a person looking, but doing nothing, as a man kicked and stomped on a 65yo woman in broad daylight. @arishapiro asks @maritaetc and @daxattacks: What is the role of bystanders when someone is being harassed?

is their a way in ios to get to a subscribed calendar?

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Franz Family Bakery, which is based in Portland Oregon, has agreed to produce Love's bread, buns and rolls. The company says the new Love's products will not have the same recipe.

has anyone ever used elation passport ok? it's not very user friendly very much.

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The Hawaii Department of Health reports 102 new coronavirus cases and no new deaths on Sunday, March 28, 2021.

is their a way to unfriend someone on fb on the ios app easily?

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