@laetsgo ça n'apparaît pas sur ta photo mais très proche de la lune, sur sa droite il y a Jupiter

Dites, les gens, question un peu "nocturne" mais: en perso ou au boulot, vous utiliser quoi comme stack serveur ?

proxmox, oVirt, Ansible, salt, docker… en gros pour la gestion, le déploiement, la création des VM, serveur, container…

boost apprécié

— La victime était un musicien.
— Comment le savez-vous ?
— Il y a des traces de luth.


😘 Coupe du monde féminine: «Nos gardiennes sont folles»… Le Canada s’amuse du buzz créé par sa vidéo sur Shania Twain

Un gros bisous baveux sur les fesses des rageurs et rageuses qui bavent que les femmes ne sont bonnes qu'à faire la cuisine et pondre des gosses.

Pendant ce temps-là, des femmes écrivent des algorithmes pour révéler des trous noirs, combattent dans les forces spéciales, remportent des compétitions sportives, sauvent des vies au péril de la leur.


The original thread has pictures, but it's over there... sigh. Also, kinda love the word "computress".

hoot: https://twitter.com/megsylhydrazine/status/1138806755914264578
@megsylhydrazine: Before holding the title of "engineer," Poppy started with NASA as a “computress" (like many of the women at the space agency during her time). But unlike most in her day, she advanced to become a member of the technical team, and worked her way up into NASA's mission control. https://pic.twitter.com/RnEosyAbQp

@megsylhydrazine: By the age of 25, she was calculating the return-to-Earth trajectories for #Apollo8, first mission to leave Earth’s orbit and circle the Moon. She helped retrieve the #Apollo13 astronauts after the mid-flight disaster. And she worked on every other mission to the Moon in between. https://pic.twitter.com/JQgHU6g2Zx

@megsylhydrazine: ICYMI: @MAKERSwomen teamed up with #JodieFoster to create this great documentary that features the ascent of women in the US space program, including Poppy's story. Check it out: https://www.makers.com/videos/554ff063e4b08081476e887d #NASA #WomenInSTEM <img> https://pic.twitter.com/wPpYzwlENG

@megsylhydrazine: Northcutt was born in Manny, Louisiana but grew up in Luling, Texas, where she went on to attend the University of Texas @UTAustin and study mathematics. https://pic.twitter.com/4TH0RB6vrB

@megsylhydrazine: She chose math because it was a degree with which she could get “a man’s job … there were advantages to doing things where you could get paid more and avoiding women’s work,” she told Jane Ely in a 2008 interview for the Houston Oral History Project. Ref https://amp.businessinsider.com/poppy-northcutt-helped-apollo-astronauts-2014-12

@megsylhydrazine: Poppy graduated from @UTAustin in 3.5 years, and then went to work at TRW Systems (contractor to #NASA) for the Apollo program. TRW designed and built the descent engine for the lunar lander (among other projects). Poppy immediately went to work on “Apollo stuff” as she put it. https://pic.twitter.com/JVDKkslhkp

@megsylhydrazine: At first it was a lot of grunt work, but they soon promoted Northcutt from “computress” to a member of the technical staff, which she says was the general term for "engineer." https://pic.twitter.com/9Jjir1aNR1

@megsylhydrazine: Northcutt was stationed in @NASA_Johnson Mission Control’s Mission Planning and Analysis room, just down the hall from the main Mission Control Center. She was the first woman to work in there as part of NASA’s Mission Control. https://pic.twitter.com/tqee496bZs

@megsylhydrazine: "I felt a lot of pressure because I was the only woman," Northcutt said in the PBS documentary. But that didn't stop her. "I started looking around at these dudes that were working with me and I thought, 'you know, I’m as smart as they are.'" https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/chasing-moon-poppy-northcutt-return-earth-specialist/ https://pic.twitter.com/zBgTM4x0CC

@megsylhydrazine: Northcutt meticulously studied the path that NASA had planned for the astronaut's path home. As she analyzed the plan, she began asking questions and finding mistakes that needed critical corrections. https://pic.twitter.com/g29TPx5LsT

@megsylhydrazine: To be continued... :)

@megsylhydrazine: In the leadup to #Apollo8, Poppy and her team had no small task: design the return-to-Earth trajectory to bring astronauts home. She started taking the computer program home every night, and reverse-engineered them. Before long, she was one of the few who read every line of code. https://pic.twitter.com/VwxagKEsRO

@megsylhydrazine: Despite the meticulous planning, Poppy and team needed to be at Mission Control to support. After all, it was humanity’s first crewed mission to reach lunar orbit, and the first test for a lot of onboard hardware...it was also the first test of Northcutt and her team’s calcs. https://pic.twitter.com/xVCflReVT6

@megsylhydrazine: Also, if there were any deviations, Northcutt and the rest of Mission Operations would have to make on-the-spot changes to the plan to ensure the astronauts’ safe return. E.g., if it took the astronauts too long to swing around the moon, it meant they had less fuel than expected. https://pic.twitter.com/ULwu0LmF4J

@megsylhydrazine: As everyone waited for #Apollo8 to round the dark side of the moon and regain communication, Poppy recalled that "Everyone in the room is not breathing... Nobody's heart is beating. We're just totally still, waiting." https://pic.twitter.com/eK3eIyNiwS

@megsylhydrazine: "Every second that they're late is just terrifying," said Poppy. A signal beeps...and comms with the capsule was restored. The mission was a great success! #Apollo8 returned to Earth safely on Dec 27, 1968, landing in the N Pacific Ocean. "And boy, did we have a splashdown party" https://pic.twitter.com/No1JdeSeEJ

@megsylhydrazine: After #Apollo8, Poppy went on to support Apollo 10, 11, 12, and 13 as the RTCC or RTE (Retro) Program Specialist. Ref https://www.mariannedyson.com/ApolloWomen.html #womeninstem https://pic.twitter.com/uMZYKNJKsE

@megsylhydrazine: During #Apollo11, a @ParisMatch reporter featured Poppy in an article, dubbing her the "Venus of Apollo." Ref https://www.psi.edu/sites/default/files/newsletter/Summer2010pdfweb.pdf https://pic.twitter.com/pZg53c0gEF

@megsylhydrazine: Fun Fact: Poppy Northcutt helped bring the #Apollo13 astronauts home after the mid-flight disaster when an oxygen tank exploded. https://pic.twitter.com/xtNMFJCJVL

@megsylhydrazine: For #Apollo13, Poppy got to travel to FL to see the launch. She was just returning to TX when disaster struck. Her office phone began ringing in the emergency, but she hadn't returned yet. To add fuel to the fire, her personal phone # was...unlisted. https://pic.twitter.com/jnPstBHxGk

@megsylhydrazine: Of all people, it was @ABC reporter Jules Bergman who was able to reach Poppy w the emergency. She turned on the TV and saw the situation thinking, "I'd better go over there." Poppy went right into running free returns and looking into what it would take to get them back. https://pic.twitter.com/ub4O8Zgnkf

@megsylhydrazine: Regarding the computer program she supported: "It's used for nominal situations, but it was really developed for abnormal situations,” such as mission aborts. “It’s easy to come back nominally. #Apollo13 demonstrated that the program did exactly what it was designed to do.” https://pic.twitter.com/ssMoOaCDe6

@megsylhydrazine: For her participation in helping with #Apollo13's safe return home, Poppy Northcutt was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom Team Award, along with the rest of the #NASA Mission Operations Team. @NASAhistory https://pic.twitter.com/kGupFRwzcR

@megsylhydrazine: A medal wasn't her only honor. She also has a crater on the moon named for her. It's called "Crater Poppy." And then #Apollo17, the last mission to land men on the moon, landed near Crater Poppy. #NASA @NASAhistory https://pic.twitter.com/hts8wSHAq0

@megsylhydrazine: Think that's it for Poppy? Hold on to your pants... Thanks to being one of the only women working in engineering, Poppy then became increasingly involved in the Women's Liberation movement. In 1974, the Mayor of Houston, TX named her the first "Women’s Advocate for the City." https://pic.twitter.com/rGUm3n8XKz

@megsylhydrazine: In that role, Northcutt helped eliminate sex discrimination in the local fire department. She also helped pass a law that no longer allowed the state’s hospitals to charge women who came in for a rape kit <img> https://pic.twitter.com/PehCeDaVEb

@megsylhydrazine: While she was still working 30 hours a week at TRW/ #NASA, Northcutt attended law school in the evenings, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Houston Law Center @UHLAW in 1984. https://pic.twitter.com/bOqsAHaoPX

@megsylhydrazine: Fun Fact: Much of her life's work has centered on #womensrights. Even as a young woman with TRW/NASA, she found ways to be involved. She became a member of NOW, the National Organization for Women, advocating for #equalpay, rights, and access for women. @NationalNOW #WomenInStem https://pic.twitter.com/HVxagyR8zr

@megsylhydrazine: After that, Poppy stepped out of the spotlight on #womensrights and became a criminal defense lawyer <img> “I might have been less visible in the Women’s Movement, but I was always involved in women’s rights one way or the other,” said Poppy. https://pic.twitter.com/DB3YaYPhpL

@megsylhydrazine: Poppy became the first felony prosecutor in the domestic violence unit at the DA’s office where she worked. And if that wasn't enough, she continues to work and volunteer for several organizations in Houston, advocating for abortion rights. https://pic.twitter.com/XkfeiAjU23

@megsylhydrazine: For all that you've done, from one engineer to another, Thank you, @poppy_northcutt <img><img><img> #womeninstem #nasa https://pic.twitter.com/3kDBM5RMXM

@megsylhydrazine: If you have access to @PBS, tune in July 8-10 for "Chasing the Moon," a 6-part documentary about the #spacerace (just in time for the 50th anniv of #Apollo11)....and among the features will be Poppy Northcutt. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/chasing-moon/ #chasingthemoonPBS #AmExperiencePBS

@megsylhydrazine: Thank you to @julia_bergeron for teaching me about the incredible @poppy_northcutt <img> If you've made it this far in the thread and are interested in finding more inspiring role models: @RocketWomen_ @WomenNASA @SWISEofficial @WikiWomenInRed @WomenInno @WomeninAero @MAKERSwomen

🤔 Chassée par la porte, la privatisation des routes nationales revient par la fenêtre LREM

La blague des trottoirs privatisés pourrait bien en inspirer plus d'un de ces rapaces.


Une pensée pour eux, et pour celleux qui sont toujours condamnés pour aimer.

question pour les gens qui gèrent un serveur mail 

Petite demande spéciale :
Est-ce qu'il y a des personnes bi qui accepteraient de parler à une personne qui hésite à sortir du placard à ce sujet ?

Il ne s'agit pas de moi, je lui cherche simplement de potentiels contacts. Si c'est okay pour vous, il suffit de répondre en non-listé à ce message et elle vous contactera si elle se sent suffisamment en confiance.

Merci de booster.

Filouterie de bas étage. "En Marche", "le nouveau monde", "la politique autrement"... mais comme je suis content aujourd'hui d'avoir vu venir cette imposture dès 2016...
#Macron #EnMarche #LREM

:flan_beard: :flan_beard_pomp: :flan_beard_sungo: :flan_beard_hipster: :flan_beard_white:

Ok y'all! The bearded flan family has been uploaded courtesy of the amazing artistic talent of bsd.network's very own @pamela

I commissioned these and she sent me the most amazing little package of bearded flan, and I'm happy to re-share them with you all :borglove:

Let pamela know you love these furry little flan additions to the family by boosting this toot and passing the word! :flan_shout:

M-E-R-C-I ! (Pour les deux du fond : non, il ne faut pas s'arrêter au titre…)

« Les non-binaires sont androgynes » – Hold my beer #4 – Le temps des Cerises

@Machin @ccuq @rmd j'ai presque 10 ans d'historique (et plein d'auteur.e.s) sur GR, je vais pas changer :)

@ccuq @Machin @rmd si tu veux des suggestions de choses à lire, entre outrelivres.fr et ma pile "à lire" sur Goodreads, tu n'as pas fini :)

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