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@diamaterialista @Angle 😀

that's why i posted the 3d/2d/1d approach to it

All 3 aren't able to map to each ohter cleanly if at all

You need wholly different frames of references, defintions and frames of reference to work wthin the different dimentional constructs (3d vs 2d vs 1d).

Gender is 1.5d; non-binary is 3d

You're going to get a very rough, shoddy approximiation at best.

Algebra vs Calc vs Geometry: differnt vocabularies for very radical things but the same 'subject'

Ever notice the middle finger and thumbs up emoji's are very similar when shown at smaller sizes?


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R-COIL lifetime steam sales - 30

I don't know if that's good or bad

(I know it's not great)

Just sharing FYI because it's not a thing most people talk about.

If you've been following me for a while, would you have guessed over or under that?

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"would you rent a flat to this woman" selfie Show more

Huh, even with a Chat Pad these headphones mic won't work over USB.

I can't help but feel I'm doing something 'wrong' here.

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I've posted about belts on one of my other alts but kept a secret for just photog

If you get a 'riggers belt' and a bunch of 'tactical pouches' you can get durable, forever gear that'll hold your camera 'stuff' just fine.

Bonus points if you also get a 'tactical vest' and re-purpose the belt gear for use with the vest too 😉


1-3/8" or 1-3/4" for max size

That's hilarious on a few levels

1. This is a military style tool where 2" belts are common
2. If you have a 1.5" belt you need to get the big, bad ass model which is *huge* compared to the 'smaller' one
3. Who the hell has a 1-3/4" belt? 1-1/2" and 2" are the most common that I've seen.
4. C'mon, 2" belt for military/police/riggers belts. Not hard.

3 Etsy buys in 'limbo' while the creators do their thing.

Amazon has ruined my monkey brain.

OK, they reopen on the 23rd

That is good news. I can take care of the last little bits 'very soon'.


No big deal, just Detroit borrowing a Boring machine so residents can escape.

Nothing to see here, move along


My penchant for side quests has really helped with the main story line

I have a habit of side questing as much as possible between each main story line mission.

Helps for making the game feel more balanced leveling wise.

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Wanting to participate in a monthly letter-writing challenge but weren't trained how to write an informal letter? Oxford mathematics don Charles L. Dodgson has you covered in a refreshingly pat treatise for the layperson and Victorian child:

I think a trio of posts are on deck for tonight if i get some focused time to myself.

OOOO, the two keybinds that constantly trip me up in VSCode are not bound to anything meaningful by default.


That moment when the CEO rings your desk without warning or any cause you can think of...


I really need to think harder about the words I string together with regard to intent, way they can be read and ton and whatnot.

And Markdown -> PDF via VSCode is a success!

That greatly simplifies some things I've wanted over the last year or so.

I definitely need to write those markdown, then LaTeX words that have been rolling around the back of my head soon.

OK, deep dive with VS Code complete.

<3 this editor but it needed a few tweaks.

I think I played the config whack a mole sufficiently well enough to get what I need/want from this in my common use cases.

Blog post soon on how I have this setup.