Great listen this. Interview with SNP and pro-indy veteran | Scottish Prism 11th Sept 2020 - Iain Lawson by @indyscotnews on

Bagpipes in Brueghel – painted in the 1620s. On display at Nivågaards Art Museum in North Sjaelland.

‪“Recall Sturgeon gleefully posing next to bona fide war criminal Hillary Clinton – to whom she said she has a “debt of gratitude” – and war crimes-enabler Alastair Campbell... Sturgeon also took to Twitter to share the alleged wisdom of one recent history’s worst butchers...” ‬

Not sure how this report found its way onto but it’s as close to impartial and objective as you’re likely to get from the BBC on the subject of Scotland’s independence 📺

“On 29 June, Scotland reported just 5 new cases, out of 815 for the UK as a whole, and announced no new covid-19-related deaths for the fourth day in a row. The nation could soon have days with no new confirmed cases. “Scotland’s weeks away from that,” says Sridhar. “England’s months away.””

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This Charles Waddie book, 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891) is associated closely with our publication and I genuinely have a desire that every Scot read it. I feel it's really important. There's a reason it's not available anywhere. Trying to upload it as fast as possible so it exists for folk.

Answers all the questions 😉

Maps of Scotland in 850 & 1066 C.E., Showing Tribal Populations/Kingdoms

These go with the recently uploaded article, from the ‘Scottish Review,’ The Peoples of Ancient Scotland. They’re taken from a book that I’ll no doubt upload soon for those home-schooling during the pandemic, ‘A History of the Scottish People’ (1893), by the Rev. Thomas Thomson.

The Alex Salmond Show: Rage in the United States - SoundCloud 

Listen to The Alex Salmond Show: Rage in the United States by RT on

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