Man goes to the park to complain about how many people there are in the park - via @newsthump

@Ken_McNaughton Most MSM outlets ignore this: “A man who at 65 who if found guilty would very probably have ended his life in jail and had his reputation irredeemably destroyed.
It also stinks of collusion, not only by some of the accusers who have done serious damage to those who have genuinely been raped and abused and seek justice, but also collusion between some high up in the SNP and Scottish Civil Service working closely with the government, the Crown Office and possibly the Police...”

On April 6th, 1320, the Declaration of Arbroath was signed. It was one of three letters sent to Pope John XXII re-affirming Scotland's status as an independent nation state. This was during the time of Scotland's Wars of Independence.

There were major celebrations planned to mark the 700th anniversary of this crucial event in Scotland's history. However, the lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus outbreak, has meant they all had to be cancelled.

#Arbroath700 #history #Scotland #covid19

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